Monday, 23 February 2015

So what is going on

Sorry but it has been a while (again) since my last blog post.

So what is going on?

I have to admit that my gardening leave has not been the most productive time of my life, especially in respect to training. I always thought that with all that free time it would be training heaven. I imagined I would be consistently logging 12 - 15 hours per week and going on epic adventures but the reality is that my head has been a bit of a mess and it has taken all my energy to try and sort out some kind of acceptable life / work / family balance. I certainly haven't been lazy and cannot really understand where the time has gone!

Anyway my gardening leave will shortly be ending and I will be going back to work (more on that later). Ironically I think my training will start to pick up, especially as I add back some commuting time, the weather starts to improve and the triathlon season begins yet again.

There is a bit of training related news to share with you. First, I completed my first ultra distance training run, a scenic route from home to Guildford (47km - my age in km) mostly on the Downs Link.

My pace slowed for the last 10-15km and it was tough on the legs,  however I did maintain an acceptable average pace of just over 6 mins per km, albeit it was a pretty flat run from start to finish. A friend and accomplished ultra runner recently told me that long flat runs can sometimes be as difficult as hilly ones, mainly because you are using a narrower range of muscles / movements, which are likely to get more fatigued than when using a wider range to cope with hills - interesting!

Since that long run I have had other stuff to focus on but am now planning the next big block, likely to be 2x 20 miles runs, back to back (Sat - Sun). I only have just over a month to get my final training in so time is short. I have also been recommended to include some down hill intervals, as many ultra runners find the down hill as tough as the climbs.

I logged some decent hours more recently as my Tri Club hosted a training weekend. It felt good to increase the volume with a number of back to back sessions, which should help me to start thinking more seriously about the forthcoming season.

Finally, I completed the first 2 days of my BTF Level 1 coaching course. It was quite challenging but very interesting.  The focus is on the delivery of a suitable training session rather than the creation. Lots of good skills and best practice was learnt. I have just over a month to complete the homework, study the content in the work books and practice the swim session I am going to give on the final assessment day.

So lots going on even if my training is below target in respect of actual hours logged. I will report on news of my business changes soon, which is no doubt going to impact my training calendar yet further.

Onwards and upwards.

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