Thursday, 29 October 2015

Overweight - not bike, run or swim fit - Oh Dear!

I am keeping to my training plan this week and will have banked over 8 hours by the time I get home tonight (post commute). That is the good news.

The bad news is I am currently overweight and simply not bike, run or swim fit - Oh Dear!

The reason is primarily related to lack of volume but also I expect to too much of the same 'Pegler speed/effort' training. Throw in the lack of strength work and I know I am more than likely going to get injured if I simply up the volume and keep to the same effort level.

As for being slightly above my 'fighting weight' I have had too many nice food/drink experiences recently and the silly festive season is not even here yet - I am peaking too early!

So actions:

  • Reduce sugary foods and restrict alcohol to weekends
  • Plan more mixed sessions - tempo, fartlek, strides, hills etc.
  • Learn to go very easy and very hard - less of the 'Pegler pace'
  • Incorporate 2-3 strength sets every week, even if 15-30 mins
  • Add in a Monday Club swim to offset lost Wed/Sat swim set that I now coach (not swim)
  • Plan a few very easy fat-burning long runs (25km+) prior to building up the back-to-back weekend runs
  • Reminder to self - new trail shoes - had to dump old Asics Gel Lahar shoes after 1,175km (RIP my old friends) plus new goggles - Aqua Sphere Kayenne are my current favourites
Hopefully that should help get me back on course.

Back soon with some news on training/strategy for South Downs 100 event, review of new Salomon trail backpack and a possible new sponsor - exciting!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

So let's get serious!

I have been loosely following a training plan for the last few weeks based on a 3-week cycle of 2 increasing volume and 1 recovery. For example (in hours) - 9, 10, 8, 10, 11, 8, 11, 12, 8 etc.

My success rate each week is not good, in fact it is terrible - I think I have hit the numbers of 1 week out of 6!

So what is the problem and what do I need to change to get serious and hit my numbers.

Well the excuses are decent enough - new business, family engagements, weather, coaching commitments - all fair but not really good enough.

If I really wanted to do it I am a great believer that I would find a way - early mornings, better use of evenings, less TV, training built into commute, get out the turbo trainer, mend the treadmill etc.

In conclusion, the focus is still not there and I do not always make the best decisions.

So what is the answer?

Well, my forthcoming goal of running a 100 miles across the South Downs feels more real than ever - I have successfully entered and the event is firmly in the diary for June next year. I am telling people, discussing my goals and thinking more about my training plan. I really would like to complete it with a smile on my face and ideally within 24 hours. I know it is going to be tough and the one of the biggest mental/physical challenges I have ever undertaken but that is also the big draw.

I do understand that to have any chance of completing it as planned and within my time goal some serious training is required. I need to stop talking and start running (plus walking)! As Nike would say 'Just Do It'.

Starting this blog again should help to keep me honest even if there is no one out there listening. The simple steps of posting a blog at least once a week with my plan, results and analysis should stop me from burying my head in the sand and taking this challenge seriously.

So what is the plan for this week:

Mon: 02:45 cycling commute - easy to steady effort
Tue: 01:00 trail run with hills - easy effort + 0:15 strength/weights set
Wed: 00:45 tempo/fartlek run + 01:30 Club swim
Thu: 02:45 cycling commute
Fri: Recovery / 0:30 strength/weights set
Sat: Recovery/Coaching
Sun: 01:00 Sub 5min (per km) run + 01:00 Turbo

In total: 6:30 bike, 2:45 run, 1:30 swim, 0:45 strength - 11:30 in all

Slightly unusual that I am away again this weekend so unable to get in a long weekend run.

Over the coming weeks and months I will try to incorporate a few runs into work (both on roads and trails) plus back-to-back weekend runs, i.e. 10 miles on the Saturday and 20 miles on the Sunday - that's the plan.

So let's get serious! I will report back to let you know my progress.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

And I am back (again)!

Yes - I am back for more Tri training tips and chat, hopefully with a new sense of purpose.

So, lots to tell!

Since my last post I have become a fully qualified Level 1 British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Coach, completed my first ultra distance event (50 mile off-road), had a few days cycling in the Alpes, set up a new business in Brighton and am slowly and gradually getting back into some form of regular training.

New challenges you make ask?

One big one is already in the diary - a 100 mile ultra distance run across the South Downs in June 2016. I am also thinking of entering the classic Paris Roubaix cycling sportive and need to have a crack at another half - Ironman distance triathlon before getting my name on the list for the full distance in 2017 (number 3).

Over the coming weeks I will be checking in to post my training diary and progress. Hopefully along the way I can share some training tips and all the highs and lows of this great sport.

I still need to focus a lot of time and energy on getting my new business fully up and running hence my decision not to jump back into full Ironman training.

I am writing this blog post at Edinburgh airport after a nice couple of days at the Masterchefs of GB annual lunch and food/drink extravaganza. Fortunately I got a couple of nice runs in around Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park - now officially one of my favourites loops.

All my training - routes, stats, hours are posted in Strava:

Great to be back - Tri Hard Dave

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