Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Another cancelled event - such a shame

I was just getting into the SwimRun training - feeling stronger in the water, faster in the pool (with paddles) and generally looking forward to my A-Race and SwimRun event at Loch Lomond, scheduled for this Sunday (29th August).

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and the event got cancelled less than a week from the big day and ironically an hour after my last formal SwimRun training with my buddy, Graeme - what a nightmare.

I think they had logistical problems - health and safety, number of boats on the swim course etc. This time around we get a full refund but I had already booked flights, hire car, hotels, restaurants etc, some of which was paid in full with no option of refund.

Oh well, my wife and I are still going up to Loch Lomond for a long weekend of swimming, kayaking and walking plus a bit of chill time.

There is a more local SwimRun event at Bewl Water in mid-September but unfortunately I cannot make the date. Even on that event the organiser highlight on their website that there is a possibility it will not go ahead. Looks like I will have to defer to 2022.

Meanwhile, my training continues, still keen to make the most of sea swimming, even during the colder winter months. I will probably look for a run race, which is probably less likely to be cancelled.

Never say never to a Pegler. Onwards and upwards!

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Continued SwimRun training

Nothing massively interesting to report, although pleased that I am managing to commit to weekly SwimRun sessions, which are going well.

Graeme and I generally meet each Wednesday for a 2-hour training session, typically 3 swims + 4 runs, totalling around 2-3km of swimming and 10km of running - approx. a third of of Loch Lomond event, which is approaching quite quickly. Let's hope we can both get to the start line healthy, fit and without any COVID symptoms (a lot going around at the moment).

Meanwhile, the training continues - I really need to get in a long (20km+) easy trail run with hills - possibly a run into work over Downs. Plus a long easy swim, at least 2km.

We are still pushing to see course map, leg distances but no word yet. We have been told we now have to carry a swimbuoy, to add to the many essential items.

I am resting today after yesterday's session (arms a little tired as the sea was so choppy - hard work with paddles). Tomorrow I plan a run from home. Saturday, a Club swim.

Onwards and upwards

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