Thursday, 17 December 2015

What does it take to log a 50 mile week

The start of December's training log was definitely lacking in volume. Throw in a couple of family trips, some much-needed DIY, work commitments, plus Christmas festivities and the volume falls off a cliff.

This week has looked a lot better with a couple of long runs and some easy spinning (to give my legs some rest). It got me thinking what does it take to log a 50 mile week.

So far this week I have managed:

- 5km on Monday
- 15km on Tuesday
- 25km on Wednesday

In total 45km (28 miles) so far

Today was my easy spin on the bike and Friday is likely to be a recovery day. I was thinking of trying a 5km park run on Saturday and another long easy trail run on Sunday.

If I only manage 5km on Saturday, Sunday is going to have to be 30km to get me to the magic 80km (50 mile equivalent) target. Possible, but may have to be deferred to another week!

Just another interesting stat for me in relation to my forthcoming ultra distance event - if I wanted to finish the 100 mile distance under 24 hours I would need to log the following average pace numbers:

08:56 mins per km OR
14:24 mins per mile

Doesn't sound too bad when you see those numbers!

I will let you know how I get on in my first 5km parkrun event - been a while since I have done any fast stuff.

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