Sunday, 17 January 2021

The week ahead - time for a plan

Just back from a local 21.9km run at 5:13 mins per km (decent enough pace). First long run for some time (at least 9-10 months!) It is nice to know I can still manage that distance as most of my runs over recent months are in the 6-12km range. I certainly do not feel any post-run aches and pains, which is a positive. Nice to chill with a  coffee and some toast and a good opportunity to bash out a blog post.

At the moment I am hardly cycling at all, partly because of the weather (wet + icy), partly because I am working from home and then my cycling buddies (incl. wife) are injured or the lockdown restrictions make it hard to organise a ride. To be honest, in the past I would have cycled right through the winter with cycling buddies, or not. Then there is the old turbo. So no excuse really!

So thinking about the week ahead (with my New Year fitness goals in mind)...

Just running 2-3x a week and a bit of the occasional TRX strength work is only adding up to around 2-3 hours of fitness a week. I don't expect to get my training up to the old Ironman days of 10-14 hours but a target of circa. 6 hours should still be achievable. If I can add on 1-2 hours of cycling a week, whether on the roads or turbo, then I will be getting closer.

I still don't know a date yet for my SwimRun challenge - not entirely sure if will go ahead this year either. I need to investigate. Meanwhile my weight is not going down much - the sub 3-hour training regime and some back habbits (alcohol + sweet treats) during the lockdown is not helping.

Anyway, lets think big and scope out 6 hours of training for the week ahead (you never know):

Mon: TRX strength set + introductory turbo set [1 hour]
Tue: Recovery run [45 mins]
Wed: Turbo [1 hour]
Thu: Interval run [30 mins]
Fri: Cycle - getting out on the roads [1 hour 15 mins]
Sat: Rest day
Sun: Long run [1 hour 30 mins]

I will report back with my progress.

Have a great week 

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Best time to exercise

I mentioned in a previous post that I prefer getting up and doing my exercise first thing in the morning, simply because there is less chance for talking yourself out of it and it generally sets me up for the day. I tend to run in a fasted state, which also allows be to enjoy my breakfast more, after I have completed the morning session.

That is the theory.... and still my preference.

However, the last couple of mornings have been grim (rain, sleet - generally miserable) so I have wimped out. The danger of that decision for me is that I get into the day and all its actions, distractions etc. and the fitness goal(s) get pushed down the priority list. So much so, sometimes it simply drops completely off the list and doesn't happen. 

Yesterday I was determined this was not going to happen. As the weather started to improve and the sun appeared, albeit for a short period, I had my running gear on and was out the door before I could talk myself out of my decision.

It was early afternoon so I had some food reserves in my belly (breakfast of coffee and toast + light salad lunch). I was suprised how good I felt - of course it could have been other factors (rest, general fitness, etc,), however I have often found it easier to run around this time. A few studies I have read confirm this is also the optimal time. I expect it might not be so good for fat / weight loss but in relation to your energy reserves it seems to work quite well.

To be honest I just like the feeling of daily exercise, whatever the time.... Just do it! 

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

TRX - new Christmas present

Looking out the window at the grim weather doesn't feel me with much motivation to get out and run or cycle. May be tomorrow (not really fighting talk, I know!). I really find I am better getting it done in the early morning and before I start my working day.

However, as luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to get some TRX straps for Christmas, courtesy of my lovely wife.

I had been researching the TRX for a while before and was interested how versatile it was - it doesn't take up much room and the range of exercises is staggering. Just a quick search on 'You Tube' and you can find endless workouts and exercises from the basic moves to crazy stuff, like TRX Handstands.

After a week or so of use (mostly, every other day) I am generally impressed and pleased that it provides a nice indoor alternative, albeit the more rugged military style TRX straps I chose are ideal to use outside too. I don't think it can totally replace weights but it is certainly an ideal bit of fitness equipment to improve your core strength, which is on my list of 2021 goals.

Anyway, I am off to the 'Cave of Pain' (Studio) soon to give it another go - checking out this You Tube workout, targeting the upper body   

Monday, 4 January 2021

254 days since my last confesssion

It has been 254 days since my last confession.....

Happy New Year - 2021 (let's hope it is better than last year!)

I need an excuse for staying on track with a few health, fitness and well-being goals and have found the process of blogging (hopefully on a regular basis) to help.

It has been so long since my last post so I have quite a lot to cover, however best I pace myself and try to write more 'bite-size' content.

So what are these 2021 fitness goals:

- Proper structured training for a summer challenge (re-scheduled Loch Lomond SwimRun)
- Get down to race weight (target 79kg), currently 84kg (not good!). When I did Ironman I was nearer 76kg
- Explore benefits of cold-water (wild) swimming and attempting new adventures
- Regular strength training (TRX and weights) - always on my 'New Year Resolution' list but as yet, never made much progress
- Improve on my 2020 Strava stats (253 hours; 3,727km and 293 activities)

Over the coming days I will be updating you on what is going on in my world and my progress on the above fitness goals.

Let's do this!

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