Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Another cancelled event - such a shame

I was just getting into the SwimRun training - feeling stronger in the water, faster in the pool (with paddles) and generally looking forward to my A-Race and SwimRun event at Loch Lomond, scheduled for this Sunday (29th August).

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be and the event got cancelled less than a week from the big day and ironically an hour after my last formal SwimRun training with my buddy, Graeme - what a nightmare.

I think they had logistical problems - health and safety, number of boats on the swim course etc. This time around we get a full refund but I had already booked flights, hire car, hotels, restaurants etc, some of which was paid in full with no option of refund.

Oh well, my wife and I are still going up to Loch Lomond for a long weekend of swimming, kayaking and walking plus a bit of chill time.

There is a more local SwimRun event at Bewl Water in mid-September but unfortunately I cannot make the date. Even on that event the organiser highlight on their website that there is a possibility it will not go ahead. Looks like I will have to defer to 2022.

Meanwhile, my training continues, still keen to make the most of sea swimming, even during the colder winter months. I will probably look for a run race, which is probably less likely to be cancelled.

Never say never to a Pegler. Onwards and upwards!

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