Monday, 26 April 2021

Still here!

My goodness - I am not very good at this blogging business. It has been some time (again) since my last confession.

Anyway I am still here - let's give it yet another go.

So since my last post the weather has improved somewhat and gradually the lockdown is easing. I am not back in the pool yet and recently turned down some training with the Club at Arundel/Guildford Lido (just too far to travel, especially when I have the sea on my doorstep). So swimming still a bit hit and miss - if I do go in the Sea with my lovely wife (she is braver than me) it tends to be a 15 min session, although they seem to be getting a bit longer. I look forward to when I can do some proper SwimRun training in Brighton.

Otherwise I am back to working in the office from Mon-Wed, which gives me an opportunty for some commuting time (back on the road bike) and seafront runs. Thu-Fri is working from home, which is a great base to go off-road and onto the Downs.

I have my name down for the SDW100 team relay in which a team of six runners (Club event) take 3 legs each (total of 18 legs, approx 5-7 miles each). I have done this race before and it is certainly a long day - you tend to go harder than you would normally, mainly because of the individual (shorter) distances and generally want to do your very best for the team. However, it is over the South Downs so it is not easy - expect a lot of hills!

So what with the SDW100 relay and the Loch Lomond SwimRun (my A race) I need to pick up the training and work towards a plan over the coming months. Nothing new but the focus will be on 3x runs a week (intervals + tempo + long-run), ideally with 1-2 off-road. Swimming will need to increase to 2-3x a week, which will be easier in warmer weather or when pools re-open. Then cycling 1-2x as a multi-sport extra and give my legs a rest from the running. As usual (and my general weakness) I need to include some strength training and stretching (weights and/or TRX) to the mix.

I recently purchased some more home training kit - the Zen 8 swim trainer - more on that in a separate blog.

Over and out for now

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