Monday, 16 May 2022

And I am back (again!)

The title of this blog is probably my most common, primarily because I have struggled keeping this blog up to date over recent years. Life changes, motivation and other priorities are my main excuses, although I do still enjoy looking back at my posts, every now again, simply as a record/diary of what I was doing years ago. The process of recording my progress towards a fitness goal was also useful to keep me on the right track and gave it more meaning.

So here I am again, giving it a go, albeit no fixed fitness goal (for now) apart from the keeping fit via swimming, cycling and running (should also add strength training to that but doesn't often happen!) and trying to lose a few kilos to bring me back to an acceptable range for a triathlete of my age and height.

That word 'triathlete' is really a bit of a push now as I haven't done a triathlon event for some time now, although I feel I still have a degree of base training in the three disciplines to have a crack at one, even if not the full Ironman or half-ironman distance. I also still train with a number of triathletes who still are flying the flag and competing on a regular basis.

I do have some unfinished business in that I would like to complete a SwimRun event, which I did at least train for last year. Even a nice 10km or half-marathon local trail run event would be something. Thereafter, I would 'never say never' to a half-Ironman distance race.

So what am I going to do about it. Well, I need to pick up the training, I need to lose a bit of timber and I do need to get 1-2 events in the diary - all sounds relatively simple. It might even give me enough motivation to keep this blog going.... you never know.... here's hoping!

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