Sunday, 17 January 2021

The week ahead - time for a plan

Just back from a local 21.9km run at 5:13 mins per km (decent enough pace). First long run for some time (at least 9-10 months!) It is nice to know I can still manage that distance as most of my runs over recent months are in the 6-12km range. I certainly do not feel any post-run aches and pains, which is a positive. Nice to chill with a  coffee and some toast and a good opportunity to bash out a blog post.

At the moment I am hardly cycling at all, partly because of the weather (wet + icy), partly because I am working from home and then my cycling buddies (incl. wife) are injured or the lockdown restrictions make it hard to organise a ride. To be honest, in the past I would have cycled right through the winter with cycling buddies, or not. Then there is the old turbo. So no excuse really!

So thinking about the week ahead (with my New Year fitness goals in mind)...

Just running 2-3x a week and a bit of the occasional TRX strength work is only adding up to around 2-3 hours of fitness a week. I don't expect to get my training up to the old Ironman days of 10-14 hours but a target of circa. 6 hours should still be achievable. If I can add on 1-2 hours of cycling a week, whether on the roads or turbo, then I will be getting closer.

I still don't know a date yet for my SwimRun challenge - not entirely sure if will go ahead this year either. I need to investigate. Meanwhile my weight is not going down much - the sub 3-hour training regime and some back habbits (alcohol + sweet treats) during the lockdown is not helping.

Anyway, lets think big and scope out 6 hours of training for the week ahead (you never know):

Mon: TRX strength set + introductory turbo set [1 hour]
Tue: Recovery run [45 mins]
Wed: Turbo [1 hour]
Thu: Interval run [30 mins]
Fri: Cycle - getting out on the roads [1 hour 15 mins]
Sat: Rest day
Sun: Long run [1 hour 30 mins]

I will report back with my progress.

Have a great week 

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