Thursday, 7 January 2021

Best time to exercise

I mentioned in a previous post that I prefer getting up and doing my exercise first thing in the morning, simply because there is less chance for talking yourself out of it and it generally sets me up for the day. I tend to run in a fasted state, which also allows be to enjoy my breakfast more, after I have completed the morning session.

That is the theory.... and still my preference.

However, the last couple of mornings have been grim (rain, sleet - generally miserable) so I have wimped out. The danger of that decision for me is that I get into the day and all its actions, distractions etc. and the fitness goal(s) get pushed down the priority list. So much so, sometimes it simply drops completely off the list and doesn't happen. 

Yesterday I was determined this was not going to happen. As the weather started to improve and the sun appeared, albeit for a short period, I had my running gear on and was out the door before I could talk myself out of my decision.

It was early afternoon so I had some food reserves in my belly (breakfast of coffee and toast + light salad lunch). I was suprised how good I felt - of course it could have been other factors (rest, general fitness, etc,), however I have often found it easier to run around this time. A few studies I have read confirm this is also the optimal time. I expect it might not be so good for fat / weight loss but in relation to your energy reserves it seems to work quite well.

To be honest I just like the feeling of daily exercise, whatever the time.... Just do it! 

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