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So what is going on

Sorry but it has been a while (again) since my last blog post.So what is going on?I have to admit that my gardening leave has not been the most productive time of my life, especially in respect to training. I always thought that with all that free time it would be training heaven. I imagined I would be consistently logging 12 - 15 hours per week and going on epic adventures but the reality is that my head has been a bit of a mess and it has taken all my energy to try and sort out some kind of acceptable life / work / family balance. I certainly haven't been lazy and cannot really understand where the time has gone!Anyway my gardening leave will shortly be ending and I will be going back to work (more on that later). Ironically I think my training will start to pick up, especially as I add back some commuting time, the weather starts to improve and the triathlon season begins yet again.There is a bit of training related news to share with you. First, I completed my first ultra dist…