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Getting there - slowly and surely

Last week I clocked nearly 11 hours of training including a 4 hour long run. Still not back to my pre - Ironman volume but not bad for base training. Considering I am still not benefiting from my Brighton commute, which accounted for a good proportion of training last year, it is looking OK and I am making steady progress - slowly and surely.So far in January I have logged 35 hours of training. Last year it was 41 hours in total so it would be nice of I could trump that and end up nearer 45-50 hours.I managed a decent bike on Tuesday and was pleased with my swimming on Wednesday evening. This morning was a short stride set. One of my mates commented on Strava - training for a sprint finish for my ultra run!I hope to jump on the turbo later today and/or tomorrow. Saturday is another swim set and possible tempo run. Sunday will be another run but not as long as current efforts.The plan is to break 45km next week (4-5 hour on my feet) for one single run getting me firmly into ultra terri…

Still coughing but managed 50km on the trails last week

I am still struggling with a dry cough, especially at night time, however last week wasn't a total 'write off'.

There were only a couple of bike turbo sets and one long swim but fortunately 3 decent run sets - 2x intervals / tempo sessions and the all-important long run when I clocked just over 34km. In total I hit the magic 50km, which was my goal for the week.

Over the coming weeks I expect to push my total run distance up, aiming for an additional 10% increase until I hit around 75km (weekly total, not an individual run).

For my next long and easy run I fancy the Downs Link again. This time I aim to first run to Southwater (on country roads, approx. 12km from home) and then will head towards Guildford on the Downs Link (33km from Southwater to Guildford). It is nice and flat, which is not what I will be experiencing during the South Downs 50 mile ultra run, however it would be a good test and the longest run I have ever attempted (before that it would be marathon distan…

Man Flu hits

First week of increased training and I get taking down by Man Flu - serious stuff.I did soldier on but missed a couple of run sessions and an easy bike. The week was not a complete disaster as I managed three decent enough turbo interval / power sets, 2 swims (despite all my coughing) and a 31 km long run, which was the key session of the week. The long run was slow (over 6 min per km average) but it did include a couple of nasty hills and lots of mud. I did achieve the distance / time goal, which I increased to 30km and/or 3 hours.I would normally enjoy a rest day tomorrow but if it is nice weather I cannot resist doing an interval run along Brighton seafront as I will be down on the coast and have missed running there.Otherwise if I can shake this cold / flu I will try to up the time and run distance. Goal this week is to hit 50km in total.Will leave you with a picture I took on top of the Downs by Cissbury Ring and 20km in to the run.

Setting yourself up to win

Still a relatively low volume week but started to set myself up to win. First thing was to get my turbo out in the garage (named the 'cave of pain'). I also utilised an old TV and bought myself a £20 DVD player with SCART lead (old school) so I could easily play Spinervals workouts and favourite movies while I train. Managed 2x 40mins turbo sets during the week.Was unable to use the pool on New Year's Eve so opted for the Monday evening swim session. On Saturday went for an hour off - road tempo run rather than a coffee.My longer Sunday run wasn't that long (family commitments), however I felt pretty good and am confident that I would have had no problem if it had of ended up a 25km plus run (only managed 17km). During the run I experimented with honey and water as fuel - felt pretty good so will use again for longer runs.So my plan for the coming week:Mon - strides set (on treadmill) and gym work (1:00)
Tue - Turbo power set (1:00)
Wed - Tempo run (1:00) / Club Swim (…