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Overweight - not bike, run or swim fit - Oh Dear!

I am keeping to my training plan this week and will have banked over 8 hours by the time I get home tonight (post commute). That is the good news.

The bad news is I am currently overweight and simply not bike, run or swim fit - Oh Dear!

The reason is primarily related to lack of volume but also I expect to too much of the same 'Pegler speed/effort' training. Throw in the lack of strength work and I know I am more than likely going to get injured if I simply up the volume and keep to the same effort level.

As for being slightly above my 'fighting weight' I have had too many nice food/drink experiences recently and the silly festive season is not even here yet - I am peaking too early!

So actions:

Reduce sugary foods and restrict alcohol to weekendsPlan more mixed sessions - tempo, fartlek, strides, hills etc.Learn to go very easy and very hard - less of the 'Pegler pace'Incorporate 2-3 strength sets every week, even if 15-30 minsAdd in a Monday Club swim to offse…

So let's get serious!

I have been loosely following a training plan for the last few weeks based on a 3-week cycle of 2 increasing volume and 1 recovery. For example (in hours) - 9, 10, 8, 10, 11, 8, 11, 12, 8 etc.
My success rate each week is not good, in fact it is terrible - I think I have hit the numbers of 1 week out of 6!
So what is the problem and what do I need to change to get serious and hit my numbers.
Well the excuses are decent enough - new business, family engagements, weather, coaching commitments - all fair but not really good enough.
If I really wanted to do it I am a great believer that I would find a way - early mornings, better use of evenings, less TV, training built into commute, get out the turbo trainer, mend the treadmill etc.
In conclusion, the focus is still not there and I do not always make the best decisions.
So what is the answer?
Well, my forthcoming goal of running a 100 miles across the South Downs feels more real than ever - I have successfully entered and the event is firmly i…

And I am back (again)!

Yes - I am back for more Tri training tips and chat, hopefully with a new sense of purpose.

So, lots to tell!

Since my last post I have become a fully qualified Level 1 British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Coach, completed my first ultra distance event (50 mile off-road), had a few days cycling in the Alpes, set up a new business in Brighton and am slowly and gradually getting back into some form of regular training.

New challenges you make ask?

One big one is already in the diary - a 100 mile ultra distance run across the South Downs in June 2016. I am also thinking of entering the classic Paris Roubaix cycling sportive and need to have a crack at another half - Ironman distance triathlon before getting my name on the list for the full distance in 2017 (number 3).

Over the coming weeks I will be checking in to post my training diary and progress. Hopefully along the way I can share some training tips and all the highs and lows of this great sport.

I still need to focus a lot of time and ener…