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Birthday week and back on track

Despite the nasty weather my training has been better so far this week.

Monday started with a run and strength set around Preston Park and then found me in the pool in the evening.
I managed to find a small window in the weather and cycled to work on Tuesday morning without getting too wet. That evening it was a rainy nightmare but fortunately my daughter was in town so I folded my Brompton commuting bike into her car and got a lift back home.
I had planned to run on Wednesday morning but again the heavy rain and wind made me think otherwise - whimp!
In the evening I enjoyed a long endurance set in the pool where I hit 4km for the first time.  Getting in that extra swim on Monday really helped - I do finally feel that my technique is improving and I am becoming faster / stronger. I have planned a 1-2-1 swim session with Coach Mike P  in a week's time. Meanwhile, I will make every effort to target 3 swims a week, which in the past has made such a difference.
So onto today - I have …

Off track - more focus needed

Off track this week and well away from my target training hours.
I knew it was going to be a tricky week as I had some family and work comitments so a tight schedule, which had little flexibility. I was going OK until Wednesday but missed the longer Club swim, then was light on my long run. I also missed a planned session on Friday. By Sunday I was shattered and decided to write off the rest of the week and re-group for next.
So onwards and upwards...  
Next week will be slightly more bike focussed and I will aim to get in a long ride. I will post my schedule soon.

Good track session - a bit of zone 5

This evening I managed to get to another Club track set led by the Dynamic Duo (Coach Louis and Andy).
After a couple of warm up laps and some dynamic stretching we got down to business and were each given target times to complete 5x 1km sets at race pace. The target times were based on our previous 3km time trial effort, which I had completed in 12:11.
My 1km target time was a nice round 4:00 with 400m splits of around 1:36.
Like the coaches probably expected most went off a little quicker than we should. A quick glance at my watch showed 1:26 for the first 400m lap. I did eventually find a rhythm and my 1km splits were as follows:
1. 3:50 2: 3:51 3: 3:53 4: 3:57 5: 3:52
Pretty good but no doubt the Coaches will adjust my time for my next attempt.
I wore my HR belt and a quick look at the data confirmed I was in zone 5 (above 153 beats per minute) for most of the main set. Strava gave me a 'Suffer Score' of 114, which is classified as a tough session.
The homework for next week is to ad…

The week ahead - starting to get heavier

So last week's training was generally easy, albeit there was a couple of higher intensity sessions (tempo run + turbo sets) included. The total was just over 9 hours, which was an hour more than my target of 8 (for an easy week) but it did include an extra swim.

Over the next fortnight the training starts to get heavier with a target of 10:45 this week (run focus) and 11:15 next (bike focus). Thereafter an easy week of 8 hours then 12:00 and 12:30. By the end of March (also the end of my base period - where did that go) I intend to be up to 14 hours per week.

I felt pretty fresh today so decided on a number of laps of Preston Park outdoor cycle track on my new Brompton S6L - I managed an average speed of around 26km per hour, whilst speaking to my work colleague who cycled alongside - not bad for a small-wheeled bike! I will download to Garmin / Strava later to see the stats. All good training for the Brompton World Championship in July.

The rest of the week looks as follows:


A new addition to the Tri Hard Training bike family

Last week's focus was the bike and I managed 6 hours of cycling within my 10 hours total.

I did get in a higher intensity run session earlier in the week when I attended the Club track session at Broadbridge Heath. After a warm up and some dynamic stretching we were asked to complete a 3km time trial by superfast Coach Louis - I started with a pace that I thought I could maintain but probably could have gone a little harder. Not a bad result, crossing the line in 12mins 11 secs. My goal will be to try to run a sub 12mins. Louis gave us some homework - to complete a 20min tempo run before the next track session at our best half-marathon pace. I think my PB is 1:37 so a pace of around 4:31mins per km.

On Wednesday I received the good news that my new Brompton S6L folding bike had been delivered to the local Evans Cycles dealer in Brighton. I ordered the bike via my work's Ride2Work scheme in November but you can normally expect around a 6 week build period as all Bromptons are h…

Should have taken a boat - rain, wind and hail - fields now lakes!

The weather has been awful but I was determined to get out on the bike during the week. Chris, my close neighbour and training buddy was 'game on' and suggested we take the mountain bikes out but keep mostly to the roads and main paths. Even though it wasn't raining as we left the house we were soaked within minutes just from the surface water on the roads.

The draw of the South Downs was too much and after a steep ascent we decided to take the South Downs Way down into Amberley. Once at the top we had about a 2-3km nice downhill stretch, which normally we power down at a reasonable speed - Not this time...
We hit a hail storm, which was so heavy it felt like we were going backwards! downhill!
We could hardly see more than a foot infront of us, the frozen ice was stinging our faces and it was very hard to keep upright in the strong winds. It was so extreme we simply had to laugh - we were mad being out in this weather!
When we hit Amberley the fields had turned into lakes,…