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In Spain - taking it easy

Holiday time and taking it easy trying to heal the Achillies tendon problem - still not there yet!
My old Ribble came with me so I have done a bit of cycling. The running has been kept to a minimum - nothing over 5km and all easy pace. Decent amount of swimming.
Been trying to incorporate my stretching exercises but the tendon problem hasn't gone away yet.
Here is a picture of my favourite run route along the seafront - hot stuff!

Beautiful views of the beach on this morning's easy cycle ride - watching Spain come to life:

The only problem is the food and drink is in abundance and I have put on a few unwanted pounds - will sort on my return to the UK.

Not in the mood

Still struggling a bit - body in a bit of a mess and generally not in the right frame of mood for training.

I am completing the daily exercises / stretches to try and help the Achilles problem and had plans to incorporate with a very easy jog around Preston Park. This morning when I tried it the pain in the tendons hadn't eased and I thought it wise to cut the session short.
Still managed about 100km on the bike this week with two decent commutes. All relatively easy in zone 1-2. No swimming simply because my elbow is still a little cut up from my bike incident but hope to get in the pool for a Club swim tomorrow morning.
I am looking forward to a change of scenery next week as I have some time with the family in Spain. Hopefully it is what I need to recharge the batteries and sort out my injuries. 
The plan is to take the road bike (still currently the Ribble - patched up) as I know some great rides close to the villa where we are staying.
I cannot seem to get out of the habit of…

Feeling a bit sorry for myself - Crash Test Dummy!

Not a great week for training - bit of a disaster on Thursday!

I have been thinking about a new road bike via the Ride2work scheme and Evans Cycles had a heavily discounted (slightly soiled) carbon Jamis with electronic Ultegra Di2, which was delivered to the Brighton store for me to try out - so good so far!
On Thursday I had a gap in my work diary and decided to take a test ride on the Jamis beauty.
It certainly felt good, I loved the electronic whirring as the front derailleur moved up and down changing from the big to small cog and back the other way.
I cycled down to Preston Park on the main road to complete a few circuits of the velodrome. On route I headed down a side road only to see a guy watering the plants with his hose in the middle of the road. With little time to react I had to cycle over the hose. I am sure I wouldn't have had any problems on my own bikes but with the very slick tyres on the Jamis (no grip at all) I lost the bike from under me and found myself slidi…

RideLondon100 - what an event (race)

This blog post was not supposed to be a race report!

I had intended on briefing followers of this blog on a relatively easy and enjoyable charity ride with a few friends taking in some great sights around London and the Surrey countryside. I knew it was going to be a large event but generally thought the range of abilities would be very mixed and the majority would be inexperienced riders on all kinds of bikes - I was wrong! The thousands of riders I started with were hardly inexperienced, nearly all owned high-end road bikes and you could sense that they were going to ride this hard from the start.

The commentator at the start of the event also highlighted a number of times this was to be a charity event and not a race. The first 2 miles didn't even count towards the overall time (a timing mat was positioned 2 miles from the start to provide what is known as a rolling start), however riders were already in race mode before the official time was even recorded.

I must have been ave…