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Piling on the pounds

It's all a little too much negative news at the moment and a bit of a downward spiral - less training, more weight gain, more guilt....I somehow have not only lost those Christmas pounds but added to the problem by putting on further weight.I had a gym test today (only blood pressure, height, weight, waist measurements plus a very easy step test). Fortunately all looked good although I weighed in (with my clothes on) at just under 79kg, my heaviest weight for years, and a good 4-6kg heavier than my fighting (Ironman) weight - oh dear, oh dear!!While talking about tests I recorded a 200m and 400m time trial swim yesterday and my times were 3:24 and 7:12 respectively. The 200m time is within a few seconds of my PB so not too shabby,  however the 400m, which was the swim we did first was a good 20 secs longer than my PB. I think I went out a little slow to start and never really picked it up (too much Pegler pace). Plus of course I am nowhere as fit as when I was training for Ironman…

This week - what's the plan

A low volume of training logged again last week but at least I ended on a high with a 33km easy loop via Southwater Country Park and the muddy Downs Link path.No ill-effects from that long run so going to try and incorporate another work commute run this week - possibly Friday.Also looking forward to including some additional swimming and strength work at  my new gym (Virgin Active - Falmer) on Wednesday and Thursday.I will see what the weather is like for the weekend and will then make a decision about bike or run.Today (Monday) giving my legs a break after yesterday's effort. Will try to get the next one in on Tuesday.Hoping for at least 10 hours plus. Will report back with my progress.

A random list of stuff going on

First off... that 50 miles week of running never actually happened - close, but no cigar!

Watch this space, one of these days I will crack it and log a decent volume week and hopefully over 50 run miles - to be honest it has simply got to happen, and ideally soon, if I am going to properly train for my 100 mile ultra event in June.

So a quick list of random thoughts:

Liking my new Garmin Forerunner 235 with integrated HR monitor (reading taken from wrist, not HR belt) - need to post a reviewConsidering getting my name down for Level 2 BTF Coaching qualification - later in the yearDown for the Malta Marathon, on Feb 29th, a nice destination for a runConsidering further marathons - Arun River and Three Forts ChallengeJust joined local Virgin Active Gym at Falmer, which has an outdoor pool and some decent Watt bikes. Keen to improve core strength prior to Tri season kicking off - hoping to make good use of facilitiesThinking about buying a new bike, based on 'n+1' principle - look…