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Life turned upside down

Sometimes in life you are thrown a curve ball and before you know it everything is out of sink.

Unfortunately I lost my Dad 10 days ago and so you would not be surprised to hear that my focus on training has been somewhat lacking. I was very close to my Dad and he will leave a very big hole, however he has left me with many magical memories. He also would have wanted me to get right back on that horse and live my life to the full.

So here I am again, trying to cling on to some kind of normality and keen to get back to my beloved training.

I last left you with a brief post confirming a bit of an adventure and an off-road MTB ride covering the route I will run in April 2015 (Centurion 50-mile ultra event from Worthing to Eastbourne over the South Downs Way). I did start that ride and despite the wet and muddy conditions got to around the Firle-Alfriston area before being picked up. No disasters I just underestimated the time it would take and had arranged to meet me wife for lunch. I ro…

A bit of an adventure

Tomorrow I plan to cycle to Eastbourne on my mountain bike via the South Downs Way. It will be a perfect opportunity to check out the route and all the 'ups and downs' in preparation for the South Downs Way 50 mile run.Full report to follow.