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Going well this week

Following the Vachery ride I have kept a good momentum and training is going well this week. So far the sessions have been as follows:

Mon - Run - easy run with tempo set 1:30 (17.5km)
Tue - Push / Run - strength set around Preston park 0:45 + 0:30 bike interval set on rollers + 0:15 weights
Wed - Strides set (12x 30secs hard / 30secs recovery) 0:40 + 1:30 Club swim (3km)

Tomorrow the intention is to commute to work but take a hilly route for further strength training. That will help to bring the total to around 7 hours 45 mins, not bad for 4 days prior to the weekend.

One of my London 2 Paris cycling buddies was asking my advice on bike interval training today - I have a number of varied sets. It made me start thinking that I am now moving my own training away from base to the build phase, when the intensity increases and I start to get more race specific.

On my return from skiing my focus for March will be on running, more interval sets, strides, strength work and 1-2 long easy runs…

Vachery event route

Not been a bad week for training: a decent couple of interval run sets, a 2:30 commute on the bike, 2 club swim sets and some time on the new rollers.

Then today a nice 2 hour easy ride of the Vachery triathlon route (40-45km - one loop of middle distance / Olympic route) with 5 other members of Horsham Amphibians Triathlon.

Very scenic route with plenty of variation: nice smooth flat roads (good for getting aero), big climb up Leith Hill, and a couple of fast steep descents. It should be a great event, especially on closed roads.

Full details can be found via:

Approx. 9 hours for the week.

Plan to run tomorrow morning. Off to the Triathlon show on Friday and a week skiing from Saturday - can't wait!

Toy Number 2 - Aluminium Rollers

Set my new rollers up in the 'Cave of Pain', strategically positioned between the old running machine and my weights bench to try and give some support when trying them out for the first time.
My son kindly shot a short video of my first attempt - not that impressive but a start. After 5 minutes I got the hang of it and was cycling at a decent speed, albeit still in my jeans and jumper.
Next time it will be in my cycling gear and with a proper training session in mind.

Toy Number 1 - new Huub Pull-Buoy

Finally received my new pull-buoy - look at this 'Bad Boy' or should I say 'Big Buoy'.

Hopefully it will provide greater flotation than my previous pull-buoy (unfortunately which has split in 2 pieces) and supposedly a similar feel to swimming in a wetsuit.

I will try it out on Wednesday and let you know my thoughts.

On the bike - a proper session

Over the last couple of months I have been getting on my bike but the focus has been on shorter turbo / commuting sessions, typically 45 to 90 mins.

Today I managed to clear the diary and scheduled a longer ride with my training partner and neighbour, Chris. It was a misty start and as a result quite chilly. We met up with Ray after about 40 mins in who had ridden up from the coast to join us. He recommended we head back to the coast in search of a bit of sun.

It was a great move as within 10 mins of leaving Steyning the mist disappeared and we hit brilliant sunshine. The coast road through Worthing to Goring was full of life with cyclists and runners that all seemed to be enjoying the warmer weather. The pace along the flat coast road was relatively fast (35-40 km per hour) but it didn't feel too energy sapping, especially as we drafted off each other. Ray turned around at Goring as he was planning a long run.

Chris and I ventured on towards Littlehampton, Ford and on to Arundel…

Training update - greater focus on the bike

After last Sunday's long wet and windy run I took Monday as a day off of training to let my legs recover. Despite the wet roads I cycled to work on my singlespeed bike on Tuesday, selecting a bit of a hilly route, and discovered my legs were still a little fatigued. Even on Wednesday morning my legs had still not fully recovered so I opted for a strength run (involving 6x strength sets of 10x push ups, dips, lunges, squats and step ups) around Preston Park.

It was only on Wednesday evening after the long Club swim that the legs felt normal again. The swim session focused on endurance work with a total distance well in excess of 3km. After a long warm up and build/drill work the main set was 1.2km in total, including 8x 150m sets with use of all the toys. 8x 25m all-out with fins followed before a cool down. A relatively tough swim so I rewarded myself with a chocolate protein shake before bed - very tasty.

The intention on Thursday was to complete an interval run set in the mornin…

I'm back!

I know it has been a while but I'm back!

You may have guessed from my last post that there was some disappointment with my recent training effort - I just felt out of sorts and was struggling to get motivated.

A slight improvement this week, I wouldn't say that everything has gone to plan but the volume and quality of my training is definitely on the up.

Monday started with a 5km time trial - certainly not a PB but respectable nonetheless, especially as the winds on Brighton seafront were brutal.

Also done 3 other short runs: 12x strides, recovery and interval pyramid. This morning was a decent long run of 27km, which started off-road up onto the South Downs but because of the high winds, rain and mud I decided to complete the second half on local roads. I was pleased that my last 7km was at a considerably higher pace than the first 20km, albeit some of the initial running was uphill and off-road. I do not appear to be suffering any ill-effects and hope that I can continue my …

It has been one of those weeks...

The plan was there but the follow through was decidely lacking. It has simply been 'one of those weeks'.

OK it was my Birthday on Wednesday and I had a great day with the wife skiing at the Snow Centre (Hemel Hempstead). Given that I had not been skiing for 3-4 years I did pretty well, my technique cannot be described as 'elegant', however I felt strong, fast and didn't fall over once. It was also nice spending some time with the family on Wednesday evening even if I had to forgo my regular Club swim.

Thursday and Friday were a bit of a wash out in respect of the weather and my planned training. Work has also been full on - lots of good excuses!

My Saturday swim was poor - the pool was very busy with 6-8 Club members per lane. I decided to drop down to a less busier lane, which worked out fine, however the leisure centre had some problems with the temperature / chemical balance and I was coughing for the last 10mins; as was most of the Club.

I had planned a turbo s…