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Reporting back - Malta marathon race report

It has been a while since my last blog post.
I have managed to get in some semi-decent training volume over the last 2-3 weeks including a bit more strength work in the gym. I have also had some better results in the pool, namely my 200m + 400m time trial times have both improved:
200m - 3:18
400m - 7:10
The latest 200m time trial effort is close to my personal best (PB) of 3:17 but the 400m is still some 20 secs short.
At least there has been some progress mostly due to the new-found focus on better rotation and extra reach, which sets me up for a more efficient pull through the water. I has also made some improvements to my kick, which was almost non-existent beforehand.
I would have liked to have got in a couple more longer runs before the Malta marathon but for whatever reasons it didn't work out.
Anyway, I am writing this blog in the plane on the way back to the UK after a relatively decent marathon result. I was hoping for a PB but came up a little short on the day with a t…

The week just gone and looking ahead

So after my tough 28 mile trail marathon (ultra distance event) on Sunday 31st January last week was mostly down as recovery.

As previously highlighted in my recent post I was most pleased that I had no ill-effects from the long run and was delighted to be back in the gym on Monday and even on the track (coaching plus a bit of running) on Tuesday. I also managed 2 club swims during the week - following our new swim instructor's advice I lengthened my stroke and focused on the pull through, which definitely appeared to make a bit of a difference to my swim times - result! There was an easy bike commute on Thursday but little activity over the weekend. It would have been a good opportunity to get in a little more volume, albeit relatively easy.

So to the week ahead...

It is not taper time yet (Malta marathon - Feb 28th) so I do really need to get another decent run in plus some higher intensity work. Today (very stormy weather - strong winds) I opted for the gym and managed 35 mins …

Better news and another ultra event in the bag

So finally, better news...

After a long period (possibly months) of sub-par volume training weeks I posted a half-decent effort recently, mostly driven by entry and completion of the Darkstar River Marathon. I say a marathon, however it clocked in at around 28 miles, so officially an ultra event. It was also a proper tough event as nearly two-thirds of the route was along boggy river banks - a mudfest! Not only did that make the going hard and slow but also a little dangerous in places. One of mates, Paul Carruthers (a Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Club Member), who also participated in the Darkstar event, came off worst for wear with a very nasty bruised and sprained ankle as a result. Paul, is an experienced and decent-level runner and sometimes a follower of this blog, so I wish him a very speedy recovery. He still managed a decent time of 4:36:43

My time for the Darkstar event, as you may expect, was nothing to write home about (5:03:24), however I was pleased for a number of reaso…