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High Intensity Training (HIT) and race report

Last week was mixed on the training front. The main focus was on high intensity training (HIT), not that was totally by design.

On Tuesday I got in the standard commute with a decent bit of tempo and hill work. Wednesday morning was a short strides set - 10x reps at high intensity. The Club swim that evening also involved quite a lot of speed work using more of the anaerobic engine but decent rest periods in between (a good number of 50m sets all out). Unfortunately I was unable to get the second weekly ride into work so opted for a HIT session on the rollers. After a warm up I completed 10x reps of 30 secs on (all out) / 30 secs off. A 10 min cool down completed the short session.

The Saturday swim despite having 3x 500m sets included in the session also had some speed work to contend with.

One thing not mentioned in my previous blog was the 'Dads vs. Lads' end of the season football game that I foolishly got dragged into. I do have to be careful with these additional exercis…

Back in the training zone

Following my rugby tour weekend based at Minehead Butlins I am now keen to get back into the training zone and healthy eating.

It is really an effort to eat well when you are surrounded by Burger King, Pizza Hut, and a host of other fast-food outlets. However, I never expected Butlins to be a health spa and the main focus was spending some quality time with my son, the rugby squad and having an enjoyable time.

That said, I did get in one short run and a couple of swims (although spent more time on the slides than in the pool). I was happy to restrict the running as I am still experiencing some mild fatigue to the backs of my calves, post Brighton marathon.

So, a more normal week ahead - I took the time to prepare a plan:

Mon - 0:45 Run - easy pace + 2x tempo sets [DONE]
Tue - 2:00 Bike - commuting time, hill work + easy return
Wed - 0:45 Run - 10x 30 secs fast strides / 30 secs rest + warm up / cool down; 1:30 Swim - long club session
Thu - 2:00 Bike - commuting time, interval work + …

Looking forward to getting back to it

Following the Brighton marathon I struggled with walking on Mon / Tue, especially stairs - pathetic!

By Wed the lactic acid was clearing the system and I managed the 1:30 Club swim, lots of leg work with fins (just what I needed) and use of all the toys. I was pleased with my performance and enjoyed the session.

Thursday was full on at work so no time for training. Today (Friday) I am off on a rugby tour with my son (Pulborough RFC U11). A long coach trip to Butlins in Minehead will take up the majority of the day but hope to get in a swim and/or run later.

A few of the other Dads have brought their running gear so hope to join in with a larger group.

After this weekend I am looking forward to getting back into the training - planning the weeks ahead. Will focus on the bike and more brick training.

Meanwhile time to enjoy some father son time and try to escape the rugby tour drinking games, well at least some.

Race report - Great start but the 'wheels came off' at 17

Well I did it - despite all the worries about my residual flu symptoms - cough and tight chest, it simply was not a major problem.

I wouldn't say my pre-race preparation was ideal but I definitely got in a decent taper period - almost a fortnight of minimal training, maybe 4-5 hours in total.

So not surprising I started so well - even with an early toilet stop I was averaging 8 min miles (sub 5 min per km) for the first half of the race. At around 15 miles I started to feel some tightness in my calf muscles and by 17 miles my pace had dropped to around 8:40 min miles.

Before I started I mentioned to a number of friends that I was kind of looking forward to the race as I didn't feel any pressure for a PB, I just wanted to enjoy it. Well I was on for a definite PB at the half-way mark but as soon as the pace started dropping I was looking for excuses to give up, the downside of convincing myself there was no pressure to complete the race. For probably 3-4 miles my mind was focus…

Registration Day

Well, some improvement, albeit slow!

Yesterday I decided to cycle in to work, taking it very easy. For most of the journey I was in zone 1 - just a nice spin for 30km. There was no return leg as I received a lift back with my family who were in town.

This morning I completed a 30min run - An easy 10min warm up and then 10x sprints of 30secs on and 30 secs recovery. Cool down and job done!

My legs are feeling pretty fresh, as you would expect after a fortnight of very little to minimal training. The problem is my chest remains tight and after any exercise I cough and splutter for a while - still the latter stages of this flu that has been doing the rounds.

Today is registration day for Brighton marathon and I have decided to at least give it a try. I could transfer my place to next year but at this late stage will lose my entrance fee. If I continue to improve then I have a fighting chance of completing the race although a PB is now much less likely (no longer my goal), it would be nic…

I will try anything

I thought there was some improvement in my flu symptoms on Monday so I got in a 30 min run around Preston Park.

There doesn't seem too much wrong with my legs but I was coughing and spluttering for most of the short session.

I simply cannot shift this chesty cough - so annoying.

In hope of shaking the cough before Sunday I held off any further training yesterday and today (will not be swimming tonight).

I may not have the car tomorrow morning so had planned to jump on the bike for an easy one-way commute - let's see how I feel.

Someone mentioned that I should massage Vicks vapour rub into my feet. Guess what I will be doing tonight - I will try anything!

Friday is registration for the Brighton marathon and a chance to look around the Expo.

Still hoping that I can make it to the start line - ever the optimist.

A change of focus

Sitting in the sunshine at the West Sussex Rugby Festival in Crawley watching my son who is playing for Pulborough U11's - my boy is doing well.

It was a week ago when I completed my last training session and I was determined not to go more than a week without another, however short.

The problem is that I still have flu and am still struggling with any kind of exercise. The normal 'rule of thumb' is you can train through a cold but best to simply rest when you have flu.

Probably against my better judgment I went for an easy 2km run around the town this morning. I was coughing and spluttering for most of the time (only 10 mins) but was pleased my legs at least still worked.

I am no longer focussing on a PB at next week's marathon my new challenge is simply to get to the start line with no flu in order to give myself a fighting chance to complete the distance.

It is amazing how your focus can change but I am a great believer that revising your goals is a healthy pursuit.…

Nothing to report on the training front

I am sorry to say that I still have this serious 'man-flu' bug/virus and spent the last couple of days since my last post in bed.

As a result my training has been non-existent. I find it very difficult looking out the window to blue skies, albeit chilly temperatures, and really want to be out there in my running shoes or on my bike.

I have lost a good 2-3 lbs in the process but I expect most of that will shoot back on when my body is able to take on any nutrition.

Going to try a green smoothie today as a start.

Not the best final Brighton marathon preparation that I was hoping for. I had planned a number of short tempo runs and stride sessions in the lead up but now I will be lucky to get 1-2 in the bank. Hopefully it will not effect my PB chances but we will wait and see. Probably going to run in my new Newton running shoes, which I have been getting on with very well but not tried to do any long runs in them yet - could be a big risk!

If I can shake this flu I hope to be bac…

Not in the plan

It is 9:40am on Easter Monday and I had expected to be on the bike section of the Club short Duathlon at this exact time.

Unfortunately I am sitting on my backside in my lounge feeling sorry for myself.

I was all geared up for the first race of the season but last night I started getting some flu symptoms so decided to get an early night. I had an awful night and by 7am had a very nasty headache and high temperature, very unlike me.

Finally I took the decision not to race and went back to bed for a further hour with some drugs to try and ease the painful headache.

Looking back at last week I managed to get around 6:30 hours on the bike and a couple of short runs. I had to leave the longer Club swim on Wednesday but got in the Saturday morning session.

Once I feel a little better I hope to get in a bit more training but expect to keep it relatively light as I taper down to the Brighton marathon on the 14th.

I will keep you informed of my progress.