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Icy conditions on the road - should have chosen the turbo!

My training has been limited over the last couple of weeks. As mentioned on previous blogs the run up to Christmas was a little stressful but I had a great day at Calshott (track cycling). Thereafter I managed a decent long run and a few shorter sessions around the Christmas period when I visited my sister and her family in Belgium. A couple of swims helped to make the weekly totals around 5-6 hours, a bit under the target, albeit I had Christmas down as an easier week.
Last week I wanted to end with a long bike session and opted to get up early to complete a 2:30-3:00 route on my road bike. I expected it to be cold so had a few layers on, however when I left the house around 7am it did feel much colder than normal. At that time it was quite dark (I was riding with lights) but I soon noticed how icy it was and then regretted my decision to take the road bike rather than the mountain bike. I should have turned back to swap bikes but I thought it would get better as the sun came up. I on…

Track cycling at Calshott

A lot to tell you ...

Sorry it has been a while - the last fortnight has whizzed by. Life has been manic in the lead up to the festive period and I have been 'burning the candle at both ends'. As a result I have been a bit stressed, tired and obviously my training has suffered.

I have averaged more like 5-6 hours per week for the last fortnight, well below my goal. I haven't been to the pool for ages!

Fortunately I am now on holiday until the 6th January and just beginning to calm down and refocus for the weeks ahead. Yes there will be more food and drink than normal and yes I will want to spend the majority of my time with my lovely family enjoying all the festive fun. However, I also plan to have a bit of 'me time' and that will involve some training.

Today was the start of some of that 'me time'. I had some business to sort out in the morning but managed to have an hour in Gunwharf Quays for a bit of Christmas shopping. Thereafter I drove down to Calshot…

Loving Strava - thinking of upgrading to Premium

I am loving Strava!

Since discovering I could download my Garmin data to Strava all my training with the exception of a few strength sets have been logged for public viewing. It is a great social platform for sharing routes, sessions, stats etc. with groups and fellow athletes.

I have just entered my first challenge to run 33 miles in the last 10 days of the year. With all the food and drink likely to be consumed over the festive period I thought it would be a worthwhile goal. It counts down to when the challenge starts and then tracks performance based on the percentage completed. A great example of 'gamification' and making it fun to keep fit and healthy.

For around $59 a year (or $6 a month) I could upgrade to a premium account, which provides a few extra goodies such as heat mapping, greater data analysis, 'suffer score' and access to some interesting training videos.

Ran a nice easy 10km today but aimed for a negative split, which I achieved relatively easily - ap…

So far so good - windy training session

So far so good this week ...
Monday - rest day - sweet!

Tuesday I was on the bike, which included a few hills for good measure. Nothing to difficult as my legs were still a little fatigued from the high-intensity off-road segments on Sunday's group ride. 
Wednesday night I was almost contemplating missing the Club swim as I had to travel up to London and was a weary at the end of the day. However, I simply got in the car and drove to the pool before I could talk myself out of it. Once there I got it done - a long 2.2km warm up with fins, then 4x 100m at perceived effort of 8 out of 10 (averaging around 1:40 min), followed by another 200m drills / cool down. 
Thursday was a long run down to Brighton Marina along the undercliff path and up to the top at Saltdean. I was going well, in fact too well, and should have realised earlier the wind was in my favour. By the time I hit the top of the cliffs and turned back towards Brighton I realised why the first leg was so fast and easy. In the…

Draft Training Plan - timings for first part of phase I - Base

Draft training plan - work in progress - specific sessions to follow.


Week 1 - job done. More about the plan

Base week 1 of my official training plan ended with a 2:30 off-road cycle with the boys from the Club. Chris and I cycled from Ashington to Southwater Country Park (a nice warm up) before meeting with Nick, Matt, Mark, Hilly and John for a route along the Downs Link and then over the South Downs towards Amberley.

From the start the pace was full-on, speeding along the Downs Link towards Partridge Green then Henfield and on to Bramber. My heart rate was pretty much in zone 4-5 but I just managed to keep up with the guys (some of the strongest riders in the Club). There was some respite as we had to stop to fix not one but two punctures on Chris' bike. At Bramber we headed towards the hills and climbed the South Downs to the top of Steyning Bostal. Both Chris and I were struggling to keep up with the leaders so opted to part ways and take an alternative route via Wiston and home. The boys continued at pace and on a mission to get a specific train from Amberley that would take them b…