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Day 2 - allowed back home

I was pleased to hear my surgeon was so pleased with my progress that I was allowed home.Taking it easy - mix of rest, some movement (mostly walks to bathroom to empty catheter - sorry, too much information) and catching up with some emails and messages from friends and family.That is going to be the structure for the next week - baby steps. Increasing movement and rest in between. If all goes to plan the catheter is removed next week and I begin stage 2 of the recovery.Over the coming days (nothing really exciting to report on) I will try to bring you up to date with everything else that has been going on in my life.

Day 1 - In hospital

So lots to tell but let's start with how I ended up in hospital.There has always been a bit of cancer throughout the family medical history so when I hit 50 years old I thought a wellman test may be a good idea - I went for one that focused on my overall wellbeing rather than fitness but ensured there was a PSA test.A month or so later the comprehensive report was posted to me - it was mostly based on a traffic light system and I was pleased that the majority of the tests came out green. It also listed my fitness in the top 5% of my age group. The only 'amber' signal of significance was that my PSA level was 3.8 - not a terribly high number. If I was 40 that is even in the comfort zone but I was told that below 3 would be preferable.So given the family history I decided to go to the GP for a repeat PSA test - this one coming in at 3.2 (getting better). The Doctor was a runner and thought my slightly raised PSA level could due to my cycling but to be totally sure put my nam…

2 years later and a twist to the journey!

Where do I start....2 years have gone past so why publish a post now?Well not to be dramatic but I am lying in hospital after having my prostate removed this morning (and hopefully the cancer with it).I now know when I started my original blog many years ago I needed it a lot more than any interested readers - I felt the need to catalogue my journey and it motivated me to meet my fitness goals.For whatever reason that changed down the road and writing a blog (diary) unfortunately became more of a chore.Now there has been another twist in my journey and I feel the need once again to share my experience and document it for my own future use.This time around it will be slightly different - I am still relatively fit and still enjoy the triathlon scene, albeit my training has gone from 12 hours a week to 6 hours for the last 2-3 years and now more like 3.The sport and the like-minded friends I have met along the way is very important to me. The long-term fitness I still maintain, to a degr…