Run & Swim Focus

Following my long 115 mile 'King of the Downs' sportive, Monday was taken as my recovery day.

However, I had big plans for the rest of the week...

As this is now my 'peak phase' of training my goal is to try and put the quality and quantity together in a series of 3-week blocks. The first week is run/swim focus, the second it's all about the bike, and the third is a slightly easier week to ensure I do not burn out / overtrain / get injured.

On Tuesday evening it was out with my fold-up Brompton for an easy spin / commute home. With my car left at work I was all set to run into work on the Wednesday morning. The weather had turned nasty overnight by fortunately it was only light rain when I left the house for the 28km journey. I ran at Ionman pace (just under 6mins per km) - nice and easy.

Wednesday evening I was in the pool for the long weekly Club session. Thursday was another recovery day with a minimal amount of stretching (had planned to do more). Friday was cool - I met a large group of local professionals at Stamner Park in Brighton for a corporate MTB morning - networking at its finest! The pace was relatively slow to cater for all abilities but there was a couple of really tough climbs and the weather / views were amazing.

Saturday was back in the pool and then a short run set in the afternoon. One steady loop of the village and then one fast, not leaving much in the tank at the end.

I am writing this blog after another decent length run up on the hills after being inspired by seeing my Club's South Downs Relay Team the day before. So what is the plan for the rest of the day:

- Gardening
- Barbecue and time with family
- Swim in the lake (test out new wetsuit)
- Bike Turbo set (possibly)

Next week I need to get in 2-3x cycle commutes and a long weekend bike. I am also competing in the River Arun 3.8km Ironman swim - nice to get a PB there.

Back soon with a review of my wetsuit. Meanwhile, I will leave you with a few pics of my beautiful South Downs run this morning.


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