Sunday, 28 July 2019

2 years later and a twist to the journey!

Where do I start....

2 years have gone past so why publish a post now?

Well not to be dramatic but I am lying in hospital after having my prostate removed this morning (and hopefully the cancer with it).

I now know when I started my original blog many years ago I needed it a lot more than any interested readers - I felt the need to catalogue my journey and it motivated me to meet my fitness goals.

For whatever reason that changed down the road and writing a blog (diary) unfortunately became more of a chore.

Now there has been another twist in my journey and I feel the need once again to share my experience and document it for my own future use.

This time around it will be slightly different - I am still relatively fit and still enjoy the triathlon scene, albeit my training has gone from 12 hours a week to 6 hours for the last 2-3 years and now more like 3.

The sport and the like-minded friends I have met along the way is very important to me. The long-term fitness I still maintain, to a degree, should help me get through these more tricky coming months.

There is also other stories to share - how I have found love again and all the twists and turns that brings.

Anyway quite a bit to tell. With that I am going to sign out until tomorrow - it has been a hell of a day, although I am all good.

Night, night (if there is anyone out there!)

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