Wednesday, 5 September 2012

5km morning test - more to come

Quick update following last post:

Mon - Run interval set - completed a brief warm up and then 10x (30 sec sprints / 30 sec rest). Cool down to finish. Done in 35 mins. Brief strength exercises in the evening, although should have done more.

Tue - Appox. 70km on the bike. 40km in the morning - commute into Brighton via Partridge Green, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, Keymer and then over Ditchling Beacon (9 mins of climbing) into Brighton - relatively easy pace Z1-2 (Z4 on hills), 1:40 in time. Return commute - Z1-2 pace again, some hill work but less than morning - another hour in the bank. Some stretching exercises on the foam roller before bed.

This morning I decided to do a bit of a test and after an initial 10 min warm up ran at above my normal race pace to complete a base time for a 5km distance. Following from my last post I am interested to building up my 5km, 10km, half-marathon PBs in preparation for an attempt of a PB in the Brighton marathon - that's the theory. My plan is to devote one running session a week for test data, which hopefully is a better way of monitoring my progress.

My main goals are to complete a 10km in 43 minutes and a half-marathon in 1 hour 37 minutes prior to April next year.

So the results from the first test data today:

5km ran in 21:27 - average of 4:17 mins per km (or 7:05 mins per mile). Average HR of 153bpm (Z4-5). I certainly felt some discomfort but not total exhaustion and believe there is room for improvement. If I was back at my Ironman weight (2-3 pounds lighter) and worked on my cadence (leg turnover speed) I reckon I could realistically aim for between 20-21 mins - although could I ever break 20 mins? Probably not without quite a bit more training.

Will try a 10km test next week to see how far away from 43 mins I am - I expect around 45 mins is more likely to be my first attempt.

I will keep you briefed on my progress.

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