It's Begun ...

Over the last week I have been working on a more structured training plan for the months ahead and my ironman distance 'A' race, scheduled for 31.08.14.

Mike P from ZigZag Cycling has been helping me define the main blocks leaving me to populate it with the detailed sessions. I want to share the initial plan on this blog but need a bit more time to put together my thoughts - watch this space!

I also have a bit of news on bikes as I finally ordered myself a Brompton via the Ride2Work scheme, although it will not be delivered until the New Year (B-spoke  order). I will certainly be devoting a few blogs to why I chose the Brompton and full details of the build.

Meanwhile, just checking in to inform any loyal followers that there is a great deal of interesting training content on its way.

Last 4 days of training (some still to be posted on Strava - having some computer problems):

Sat - 1:00 Club Swim
Sun - 2:00 Trail Run over the Downs - easy pace
Mon - rest day
Tue - 2:30 cycle commute - hill work

Yesterday's morning commute was a mix of easy Z1-2 work and a big hill (Steyning Bostal), which pushed me into Z4-5 to get the blood pumping. When I hit the coast I stopped for a few pictures on route.

Morning world!

Newly opened Adur Ferry Bridge

My first ride over the bridge

Also a nice picture on top of the Downs on Sunday:

Just love the South Downs


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