A new addition to the Tri Hard Training bike family

Last week's focus was the bike and I managed 6 hours of cycling within my 10 hours total.

I did get in a higher intensity run session earlier in the week when I attended the Club track session at Broadbridge Heath. After a warm up and some dynamic stretching we were asked to complete a 3km time trial by superfast Coach Louis - I started with a pace that I thought I could maintain but probably could have gone a little harder. Not a bad result, crossing the line in 12mins 11 secs. My goal will be to try to run a sub 12mins. Louis gave us some homework - to complete a 20min tempo run before the next track session at our best half-marathon pace. I think my PB is 1:37 so a pace of around 4:31mins per km.

On Wednesday I received the good news that my new Brompton S6L folding bike had been delivered to the local Evans Cycles dealer in Brighton. I ordered the bike via my work's Ride2Work scheme in November but you can normally expect around a 6 week build period as all Bromptons are hand-made in the UK (London based). If you follow this blog you may remember my recent adventures on a hired Brompton (http://www.trihardtraining.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/a-slightly-strange-yet-leisurely-and.html).

I was looking for a new commuting bike to replace my old singlespeed bike but had the versatility to travel with me in the car, train and when going overseas. The Brompton ticked all the boxes, was great fun and I found the built quality exceptional - a bike to see me into my old age. In addition I started following an interesting group of cyclists that were passionate about Bromptons and seemed to have lots of great adventures - The London Brompton Club: http://www.londonbromptonclub.com.

I have become so interested in these great little bikes that I have even created a new blog specifically for the Brompton and my future adventures: www.beebrompton.co.uk

So Thursday I tested our the new Brompton (nicknamed 'Sting') at Preston Park outdoor cycle track. I followed that with a longer ride on Saturday, as the weather was so good - a 30km countryside loop to test out the gearing. Today (now Tuesday) was a 56km return commute and again the little bike performed admirably - a great addition to the Tri Hard Training bike family. Even though I have only owned a Brompton for less than a week I entered the Brompton World Championships to be hosted at Goodwood race circuit in July of this year. Find out more about this race and my further Brompton adventures by following my Bee Brompton blog.

Back to last week and I finished on a high by going out with the boys on a very muddy and fast MTB ride along the Downs Link and up onto the Downs. Out in force were all the top riders in the Club and to be honest I found it difficult to keep them in my sights sometimes, especially as we left the Downs link and started climbing up the hills. They had planned to cycle to Amberley and catch the train back. I wanted to get in a 3 hour ride so left them at the top of Steyning to cycle back with Matt via a purpose built MTB trail that I never knew existed - over hand-made bridges, drops and round tight banked corners. It was a little beyond my capability but a great find and a trail I would like to try again, preferably in the dry.

I have already banked over 3 hours this week, despite being an easier training week. I might try to get in 3 swims - Mon, Wed and Sat. I also expect to complete the tempo run (as highlighted above) and a longer easier run. Possibly a turbo set - let's see what the weather does?


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