Birthday week and back on track

Despite the nasty weather my training has been better so far this week.

Monday started with a run and strength set around Preston Park and then found me in the pool in the evening.

I managed to find a small window in the weather and cycled to work on Tuesday morning without getting too wet. That evening it was a rainy nightmare but fortunately my daughter was in town so I folded my Brompton commuting bike into her car and got a lift back home.

I had planned to run on Wednesday morning but again the heavy rain and wind made me think otherwise - whimp!

In the evening I enjoyed a long endurance set in the pool where I hit 4km for the first time.  Getting in that extra swim on Monday really helped - I do finally feel that my technique is improving and I am becoming faster / stronger. I have planned a 1-2-1 swim session with Coach Mike P  in a week's time. Meanwhile, I will make every effort to target 3 swims a week, which in the past has made such a difference.

So onto today - I have made it to the right old age of 46 - what better than to celebrate with a 25 minute tempo run at my 10km pace in wet and windy conditions. Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought and I was able to get the run in a decent enough time, averaging 4:11 mins per km - a good effort.

Not such bad weather early this evening so I used the opportunity and got my Brompton out of the boot of the car for the commute home.

Well on target for my 10+ hours this week.


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