Training Weekend

I knew it was going to be tough to get some quality workouts in at the start of the week because of a number of work commitments and early morning journeys to the airport so by Wednesday I was not totally surprised that the Strava bank was empty.

With only one easy hour run (wet and windy) logged by the weekend I was hoping that the scheduled Club Training Weekend could push me into the black although I knew my goal of 12 hours was going to be a struggle.

Saturday morning started with some land-based stretching and then into the pool for the normal coached swim. After a coffee and some toast with honey I was off for an hour run with the guys. The group was mixed and on this occasion I was one of the more seasoned runners. After a 2-mile warm up and some stretching the main set was 10x 45secs sprints uphill with a recovery jog back down each time. It was quite a tough workout and I was pleased for the easy jog back to Christs Hospital leisure centre.

After some lunch I was back for more, this time with my turbo and road bike for an indoor cycling session. Once set up I was looking forward to the 1:30 Sufferfest workout that was playing via a computer and projected onto a large screen for the 15-20 triathletes in the room to see. 2-3 big fans was keeping the temperature cool enough to be comfortable. 

Unfortunately only 15mins into the session the power in the leisure centre was cut and the projector and fans died. Coach Nick F jumped in to take the remainder of the set 'old-school', shouting out commands and keeping us motivated in the small room, which was rapidly turning into a sauna despite our best efforts to let some cold air in through the windows. The leisure centre staff could have closed us down immediately when the power went off so we were lucky to finish the entire set - most of us were sweating buckets so Nick had done us proud - I called the workout the 'Nickkerfest' on Strava.

We didn't get away with the next scheduled session, which was Pilates as with no power it was probably going to be in the dark - health and safety!

After a good night sleep I was back for more punishment. At 8am we set off on road bikes for 8.5km loops, which included a fast rolling section and a nasty hill climb with recovery periods in between. Most of the Club's top cyclists were out so the pace was fast. We managed 6 circuits and got 50km in the bank.

I had a few jobs to take care of at home so I missed the post-ride run but was back for the swim later in the afternoon. I had the option of doing a big endurance set or going 'back to basics' with a long technique set. As my legs were a little fatigued and my swim technique always needs a bit of work I decided against the tougher endurance set and went for 'back to basics'.

The swim was welcomed and I always find it helps to stop the legs getting too stiff after a tough run / ride.

I was unable to make the last session of the day, which was some core strengthening but overall felt I had experienced some quality training, kindly organised by the Club, and finished the week with a respectable total, albeit some way off my target hours.

This week is also supposed to be a big training week. Again I have started slowly but as I am holiday I hope to get in some decent workouts mixed in with some quality family time. Part of the holiday involves a short trip over to Spain, my running shoes are packed.


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