4 more weeks of peak training - plan of action

So getting closer... Only 4 weeks of peak training remaining followed by a 3 week taper before my 'A' race - Challenge Vichy (an ironman distance event).

This week is another big one in volume, although not as high intensity as last week, which included some intervals, strides and a full-on dress rehearsal cycle session (on tri / time trial bike).

In total 3 swim sets (two Club swims in the pool and one in the lake), 3 runs (one long and easy) and 3 bikes sets (again mostly easy), broken down as follows:

Mon - 1:00 steady run [DONE]
Tue - 2:30 easy-steady bike (commute)
Wed - 0:45 run/fitness set; 1:30 Club swim
Thu - 1:30 easy bike
Fri - 3:00 long run (IM pace)
Sat - 1:00 Club swim
Sun - 3:00 easy-steady bike (IM pace - TT bike); 0:45 lake swim

As it is all relatively easy training I am not taking a rest day, although will review as the week progresses.

With a bit of easy strength work / foam roller massage thrown in I am aiming for around a 15-hour training week.

The following week I will probably drop the volume back down to around 10 hours (recovery period) before ramping the hours up again for the last 2 weeks of peak training (16 hours+).

The taper period will begin on the week of August 11th and last the final 3 weeks. I am off on a week holiday on the 16th so that is a great opportunity to get some much needed rest and relaxation before my race day, although I will have to watch my weight a little. During the taper period the hours will drop below 7 hours and more likely to 3 hours on the week before (all very light training, just ticking over).

Some good news on my weight goal - finally got under my normal fighting weight of 12 stone and currently around 11 stone 8 lbs (after exercise). Going into the race around 11.5 stone should certainly help on the run.


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