Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Week ahead - getting back into training

There is no doubt that my training post-Ironman feels 'patchy' to say the least - I am missing the structure and as previously mentioned need to define my goals and ambitions thinking ahead for next season.

I am experimenting with Training Peaks and their Annual Training Plan and Virtual Coach functionality to help me create some structure to my future training – more on that later. Meanwhile just simply trying to log 2 sessions a week in each of the sports – swimming, cycling and running should keep my fitness going for the time being. Coach Mark Ticker (MT) also mentioned that athletes aged above 40 (I am afraid that is definitely me – 45 next birthday) should also incorporate 1-2 strength sessions a week.

Last night I spent about 30 minutes in the ‘Cave of Pain’ (my garage) doing a couple of circuits including lunges, squats, step-ups, push-ups, weights etc. During the winter months I plan to build on this and up the volume.

This morning’s run, also on the advice of Coach MT, included a strength element – I took an easy run around Preston Park but stopped every km to do some exercises – 10x push ups and 10x dips. Total time about 40 minutes – not too heavy as I have to consider tonight's longer Club swim – 1:30 is scheduled. I certainly have found my swimming has suffered from reducing the time in the pool / lake from 3-4 times to only once a week. The plan is to build back up to 2-3 times at least.

So for the rest of the week:

Wed: 0:40 run / strength work + 1:30 club swim
Thu: 2:00 bike (1 hour – hill work + 1 hour easy) – Brighton commute
Fri: Club handicap race – short but fast and furious (normally 0:30-0:40 in time)
Sat: 1:00 club swim

I would like to get some activity in on Sunday, however, will be marshalling at the Club’s annual relay triathlon event – my job is pulling competitors out of the lake – great fun but somewhat tiring.

As we move into September the plan is to get the base structure right for the winter months (probably 6-12 hours of training per week). There is likely to be some races thrown in – I am thinking of Barns Green half-marathon, a 100 mile sportive in Dorking and possibly a DIY half-ironman in Brighton (just investigating that one). Thereafter it is thinking ahead to next year – first ‘A’ race is the Brighton marathon in April.

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