Training update - greater focus on the bike

After last Sunday's long wet and windy run I took Monday as a day off of training to let my legs recover. Despite the wet roads I cycled to work on my singlespeed bike on Tuesday, selecting a bit of a hilly route, and discovered my legs were still a little fatigued. Even on Wednesday morning my legs had still not fully recovered so I opted for a strength run (involving 6x strength sets of 10x push ups, dips, lunges, squats and step ups) around Preston Park.

It was only on Wednesday evening after the long Club swim that the legs felt normal again. The swim session focused on endurance work with a total distance well in excess of 3km. After a long warm up and build/drill work the main set was 1.2km in total, including 8x 150m sets with use of all the toys. 8x 25m all-out with fins followed before a cool down. A relatively tough swim so I rewarded myself with a chocolate protein shake before bed - very tasty.

The intention on Thursday was to complete an interval run set in the morning and a power session on the turbo in the evening. The weather in Brighton at 7am was really awful and I chickened out. The day was a busy one and the turbo set didn't happen either - oh dear, losing momentum!

Today started better, it was a beautiful morning and I took a slightly longer route to work, my favourite via Edburton, Fulking and Poynings over the top of Devils Dyke. The mornings are getting much brighter.

So far this week approximately 7 hours in the bank with the weekend to come. Another Club swim tomorrow morning with a possible run later in the day. Apparently it is supposed to be nice weather so I hope to get a 2-3 hour cycle in on Sunday with my old training partner Chris.

No sign of my new aluminium rollers yet or my Huub pull-buoy that I ordered on the Internet. Once I get the rollers I will try to publish a video to the blog, should be amusing!

By the way I received Wiggo's book as a Valentine's present from Mrs P - looking forward to a good read.


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