I'm back!

I know it has been a while but I'm back!

You may have guessed from my last post that there was some disappointment with my recent training effort - I just felt out of sorts and was struggling to get motivated.

A slight improvement this week, I wouldn't say that everything has gone to plan but the volume and quality of my training is definitely on the up.

Monday started with a 5km time trial - certainly not a PB but respectable nonetheless, especially as the winds on Brighton seafront were brutal.

Also done 3 other short runs: 12x strides, recovery and interval pyramid. This morning was a decent long run of 27km, which started off-road up onto the South Downs but because of the high winds, rain and mud I decided to complete the second half on local roads. I was pleased that my last 7km was at a considerably higher pace than the first 20km, albeit some of the initial running was uphill and off-road. I do not appear to be suffering any ill-effects and hope that I can continue my training tomorrow, although probably aim for a simple strength set.

Missed my Wednesday swim again but had cycled 2 hours that day (Brighton commute), should have committed but my motivation to complete 3.5 hours of mid-week training on a single day was lacking.

I got on the turbo for about 30min but need to spend more time to complete the power set I have been working on recently.

Yesterday's swim was OK. I have managed to keep my position in Lane 3 despite being was of the slowest in my group. I will have to increase the weekly sessions from 1-2 to 3 to have any chances for improving further.

Looking forward to receiving my Cycleops aluminium rollers, which I ordered with my Birthday monies. Another great training tool to use in the 'Cave of Pain). With this wet weather it will be certainly safer to get a few indoor sessions in the bank.

So in summary, a better week, 9-10 hours in total volume with a number of good sessions. Almost coming to the end of the 'Base' period and entering the 'Build' phase when both the volume and specificity increases. Slight bias to running in preparation for the Brighton marathon in April and thereafter a lot more brick sessions (bike + run) to get me ready for Vachery middle-distance (70.3 miles - half-Ironman distance) in July.

Need to submit a blog with all my scheduled races, although not all been booked yet.

Back soon...


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