Nothing to report on the training front

I am sorry to say that I still have this serious 'man-flu' bug/virus and spent the last couple of days since my last post in bed.

As a result my training has been non-existent. I find it very difficult looking out the window to blue skies, albeit chilly temperatures, and really want to be out there in my running shoes or on my bike.

I have lost a good 2-3 lbs in the process but I expect most of that will shoot back on when my body is able to take on any nutrition.

Going to try a green smoothie today as a start.

Not the best final Brighton marathon preparation that I was hoping for. I had planned a number of short tempo runs and stride sessions in the lead up but now I will be lucky to get 1-2 in the bank. Hopefully it will not effect my PB chances but we will wait and see. Probably going to run in my new Newton running shoes, which I have been getting on with very well but not tried to do any long runs in them yet - could be a big risk!

If I can shake this flu I hope to be back on my feet tomorrow. May be I can then get back into training at the weekend.

Hope no one else is suffering from flu out there? Enjoy your training.


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