A decent session in the aero position

An early start on Sunday but pleased to be out, this time on the Titanium Omega Stealth (my time trial / triathlon bike). I even wore my 'Sonic the Hedgehog' aero teardrop helmet to get me in the mood.

I will be honest and first to say that it wasn't the fastest of rides, however I managed to stay aero for a good 80-90% of the time. I completed the 60km loop of the Petworth area and back in 2:15, which was mostly Zone 2 aerobic work. In race conditions I would expect to cover the distance in sub 2 hours, although that wasn't the objective of the session.

I had hoped to complete the day with my first dip in Southwater lake for some open water training but unfortunately the weather turned very nasty and the idea lost its appeal.

Monday was a rest day simply because I had family commitments and unable to allocate any training time. On Tuesday I was back on the bike. The night before I had eaten poorly and was not feeling good about my food choices so for punishment I decided on a longer route to work which included the tough Ditchling Beacon climb. Actually it was a relatively easy morning ride but it was a different story for the commute home. The heavens opened up that afternoon and I thought I may need a canoe to get home rather than a bike. My wife kindly contacted me with offers of a lift however in true Ironman fashion I decided to face the music and ride the 28km home. In minutes I was completely drenched and soaked to the skin. The wind was also fierce along the seafront and I struggled to keep the bike upright. Funnily enough once I was as about as wet as I was going to get I started to enjoy the ride. I handled everything the weather could throw at me and my mindset changed to 'bring it on'! Saying that I was pleased to finally make it home and enjoyed a warm shower.

Wednesday morning was a strides set - pretty basic: 15 mins warm up, 10x 30 secs all out + 30 secs recovery, cool down. Unfortunately I had to miss my Wednesday Club swimming session as I was staying overnight in Brighton on business. This morning was a 11km run including 3x hill reps thrown in for good measure, each one at increased speed / intensity. Tomorrow morning I might hit the gym or if the weather is as great as it was today I will be out for another run.

Missing more swimming on Saturday morning but have a 72 mile Sportive to contend with, decent mileage which I need in my training. If all goes to plan maybe an early morning run on Sunday and then  another attempt at a lake swim in the evening.

That brings me full circle and another week of training. I will report back on the sportive and whether I finally get in the lake.

Happy training and keep the rubber side down.


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