BTF Level 1 coaching and an update on training

Hi my loyal followers - welcome back

Just completed my British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Level 1 coaching course and hoping that I have done enough to pass. The final course date (Sunday just gone) started with a 45 written exam, then over 2 hours in the pool, when I had to give 15mins of swim coaching to the group, followed by a 1:1 session with a Level 3 coach. I am awaiting the results of the written paper but so far so good!

All in all the course was very informative, interesting and worthwhile. I will be honest and say it was more challenging and probably more difficult than I first imagined but as a result I think I got more out of it.

Once I hear the final result (hopefully positive) I will start to work more closely with the other coaches in the Club and deliver some future sessions, that the main Level 2 Coach has put together. Next year I might even consider the Level 2 qualification myself.

But one thing at a time and at the moment my focus is setting up my new business and training for my first ultra distance (50 mile trail) event in just under a fortnight's time. My run training has certainly been more intensive than previous years when training for an Ironman or marathon, however, I do feel I have come up a little light on the long runs. Ideally I would have got in a 50km plus run into Brighton over the Downs and/or one longer back to back runs (2x 30km runs on consecutive days). Neither happened and I am worried if I tried to sneak one in (possible but may be not practical) I could end up injuring myself before the big day.

I know it is going to hurt and I am more likely to end up with a 12-hour time than 10 hours but for the first one I think it is all about completion rather than competing and simply experiencing the world of ultra running.

If I manage to get my finger out and write a few more blog posts then I would like to do one in the lead up to the ultra race to include the equipment and nutrition I plan to use. I recently purchased a rather nice, light and waterproof jacket that I need to review. Also got a pair of Inov ultra distance shorts.

The other news is that this is my last week at home before I start my commute again to Brighton, hopefully leading to an increase in my weekly training volume, which will certainly be important with the Liege - Bastogne - Liege sportive coming up and a host of Club races. Meanwhile, it is taper time on the run front.

Schedule for this week and next:

Mon (today): 1:30 run - steady pace (sub 5mins per km) DONE
Tue: 0:45 bike turbo set - focus on power
Wed: 1:30 Club Swim
Thu: 1:00 run - intervals
Fri: 0:45 bike turbo set - more on power
Sat: 1:00 Club Swim
Sun: 2:00-3:00 Cycle

Mon (30th): Rest day
Tue: 3:00 Cycle commute - easy spin
Wed: 0:30 morning run; 1:30 Club Swim
Thu: 0:30 stretching and foam rollers
Fri: Rest day
Sat: Race Day - Centurion SDW50

Back soon!


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