Monday, 8 February 2016

The week just gone and looking ahead

So after my tough 28 mile trail marathon (ultra distance event) on Sunday 31st January last week was mostly down as recovery.

As previously highlighted in my recent post I was most pleased that I had no ill-effects from the long run and was delighted to be back in the gym on Monday and even on the track (coaching plus a bit of running) on Tuesday. I also managed 2 club swims during the week - following our new swim instructor's advice I lengthened my stroke and focused on the pull through, which definitely appeared to make a bit of a difference to my swim times - result! There was an easy bike commute on Thursday but little activity over the weekend. It would have been a good opportunity to get in a little more volume, albeit relatively easy.

So to the week ahead...

It is not taper time yet (Malta marathon - Feb 28th) so I do really need to get another decent run in plus some higher intensity work. Today (very stormy weather - strong winds) I opted for the gym and managed 35 mins on the treadmill - interval set - 1Ks @ 4:40 pace + 2 min recovery @ 5:45 pace, although my Garmin (indoor run setting) listed a much slower speed.

Here is the plan:

Mon: 0:35 interval run + 0:15 weights; [Optional 1:00 Club Swim]
Tue: 2:00 bike commute
Wed: COACHING - recovery day
Thu: 0:45 swim + 0:15 weights
Fri: 2:30 long easy run into work + 1:00 bike commute
Sat: 1:00 swim + 1:30 run on tired legs
Sun: 1:00 bike turbo (Valentines Day - need to give Mrs P some attention!)

Report back soon.

'Work the uphills, cruise the downhills, and keep the rubber-side down'

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