Better news and another ultra event in the bag

So finally, better news...

After a long period (possibly months) of sub-par volume training weeks I posted a half-decent effort recently, mostly driven by entry and completion of the Darkstar River Marathon. I say a marathon, however it clocked in at around 28 miles, so officially an ultra event. It was also a proper tough event as nearly two-thirds of the route was along boggy river banks - a mudfest! Not only did that make the going hard and slow but also a little dangerous in places. One of mates, Paul Carruthers (a Horsham Amphibians Triathlon Club Member), who also participated in the Darkstar event, came off worst for wear with a very nasty bruised and sprained ankle as a result. Paul, is an experienced and decent-level runner and sometimes a follower of this blog, so I wish him a very speedy recovery. He still managed a decent time of 4:36:43

My time for the Darkstar event, as you may expect, was nothing to write home about (5:03:24), however I was pleased for a number of reasons:

  • No injuries
  • Able to walk and even workout the next day - very unusual!
  • Lost some pounds - back nearer to my fighting weight
  • It is only February - good to get an early run in the bank
  • Great training for my next challenge - Malta marathon
So, what is next...

Well - now I have lost some weight and recorded some better volume I intend to keep the momentum going, however this week will be a little more recovery biased (less intensity). I hope to get in 1-2 more decent runs plus some faster speed-work in preparation for the Malta marathon at the end of February. If the conditions are right I may possibly have a chance of a 'personal best' (PB) and a time south of 3:45.

Onwards and upwards!


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