Friday, 27 March 2020

Return to 'Productive' Training

So what day is it.... a quick look at my Garmin Fenix 6 and I see it is Friday, day 4 of lockdown - how is everyone doing?

I must say that despite my reservations about the global shutdown it does have a number of benefits - may be it is simply the better weather and sight of the sun but it does actually feel like the world is healing a bit. When I get out for my daily exercise it feels that much fresher, greener and obviously less busy - nice.

I am going to start off this morning with a Joe Wicks morning workout (something to do with the family). Later today I am going to get in a trail run, now the South Downs is less muddy.

Unfortunately swimming at the pool is likely to be cancelled for another couple of months but that doesn't stop me swimming in the lake/sea (social distancing of course), although at the moment a little bit too cold - on the radar screen for mid to late April.

I have also been able to cycle, just a few local loops but lovely when the sun is out. My training status on the Garmin watch has returned to 'Productive' indicating my fitness is improving and I have got the balance better on fitness and load. I still need to add in some shorter high intensity workouts, especially when the load is high and adding another long run/cycle at 'Pegler' pace has little to no benefits - although to be honest, none of my workouts seem long, 80% are between 30 - 90mins.

So like most people.... I am hanging on in there, trying to adjust to the lockdown and recommended restrictions. For now, I am so pleased that exercise is still allowed, and it hasn't stop my training, in fact it is a really good opportunity to get much more into it - always a silver lining!

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