Thursday, 19 March 2020

The world has gone bonkers!

I know it is my personal view (well it is my blog!) but I think the world has gone totally bonkers...

I do understand the severity of the Coronavirus and I certainly get the unprecedented domino effect and economic impact, however are we simply going too far? Would this have been better handled by letting everyone get the virus and then putting down the resulting deaths to a new strain of flu, that was worse than normal years - terrible indeed but we build immunity and move on. I am not sure of the numbers but there must be 10x more people dying from cancer and even car accidents and suicide.

Anyway, this is not a political blog so onto the important stuff, training...

Well, last week was as disappointing as other recent weeks. I am maintaining a minimum level of training, even with a specific SwimRun bias, however it simply is not moving the needle and this time my general fitness is not even good enough to get me to the start line, never known the finish!

There was a few little successes - first a decent SwimRun bias swim set, using paddles and pull-buoy, a relatively fast 8km local loop and more than the average cups on Strava (cycling commute). In addition, last evening I managed to get to a Wednesday 90 min swim - first for many years.

So what next, at this time of self-isolation exercise (for as long as we can). Well, the Club swim is off so finding a pool that is open could be a challenge. The sea/lake is a bit cold yet! My office time has been drastically reduced (80% working from home) so my commute time has gone the same way. However, for as long as I can, getting out to exercise will be one of my priorities over the coming weeks. So who knows, my training hours may even increase. Combine that with not going out eating/drinking and possible future rationing (now that would be grim) - I might even lose some weight.

There is always a silver lining!

P.S. Still loving the new Garmin Fenix 6 (review coming soon) although all my last sessions have been 'unproductive' and it says my training load is too much - I cannot believe that!

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