Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Withdrawal symptoms - need exercise!

Since the long Sunday ride I have not done any training (a part from a few dynamic stretches) and I am now getting withdrawal symptoms and craving exercise.

I had intended to take Monday as a rest day, still slightly taking it easy post the recent bike crash and minor pain in my coccyx and right heal.

Tuesday was supposed to be an easy ride to work and back but it didn't seem to come together for whatever reasons. Last night I was definitely on for the Club swim; however I attended a very interested seminar in Brighton, which overrun and made it difficult to make the Club swim on time. All in all quite feeble excuses and I am positive that if I really had wanted to train I could have found a way. To be honest I really don't like being injured (who does) but do not wish to jump straight back into it and cause further problems.

Anyway I am down for a very interesting session tomorrow evening, which I am looking forward to. Coach MT who is a 'Master Spinning Instructor' (he teaches the instructors) has a special spin class titled Myths and Legends: Mont Ventoux at the Pedal Studio in Wimbledon. I just so happen to be in London tomorrow afternoon so had the perfect opportunity to attend. I understand that during the 1.5 hour spin session our HR and stats will be displayed on a large board for all to see and a motivational presentation / video / music is planned to help keep the adrenalin going. It all sounds very exciting and something I have never done before - I will report back in due course.

Saturday morning will be back in the pool. I then hope on Sunday I may be able to get in some further biking and possibly an easy run to break me back in gently - let's see.

Hope everyone else is training well and getting out and just 'doing it'!

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