Thursday, 8 November 2012

A day of intervals

My training has gone a little off track again this week although at least I have been able to pick the volume up.

The 2 hour bike training / commute I had planned for today has been re-scheduled for tomorrow. Today was interval time...

I started this morning with an easy run to Preston Park, in total about a 15 minute warm up. Thereafter it was 14x 30 sec sprints (good technique) + 30 sec rest. Then a cool down and return to the office to complete the 40 min session.

It was back to Preston Park at lunchtime this time with Ewen and Charlie on the bikes. We headed to the old outdoor velodrome, which was surprisingly in very good condition - nice smooth surface and a fresh lick of paint around the circuit. Neither me or the boys had ever ridden the track so were looking forward to trying out the high bends, albeit they were hardly that high.

After a couple of warm up laps we decided on 5x sets of one lap all out and one lap recovery, 10 in total. On the first fast lap we were surprised just how much energy we had expended. My first lap was 54 secs and a top speed of 47km/h. The heart rate went straight into zone 5. We quickly recovered (one lap) and then repeated. None of us were getting much quicker during the set. It was useful however to experiment with trying the fast lap in a low gear and pushing hard versus a higher gear, higher cadence approach. The last fast lap was interesting as we agreed to go off together and race each other.

I took an early lead into the high bank and retained it until the final straight but the boys were drafting closely behind me and waiting for the most opportune time to make their move. With 50 yards to the line they both moved out to the outside of my bike and just pipped me at the line... Youth winning over experience...

I am not going to hear the last of that in the office!

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