Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Putting on a bit of excess weight - mustn't go off the rails

Last week wasn't too bad as far as volume goes - 8.5 hours was the total. Decided against the bike commute on Friday but was in the pool Saturday morning and joined Chris for a relatively easy Sunday bike ride, albeit there were some decent hills and speed work thrown in for good measure.

Chris unfortunately had some mechanical issues at the start of the ride so after only 10 mins in we turned back home to swap bikes. Chris ended up on his wife's road bike, a nice machine but a little heavier than he is used to. The set-up and sizing was also not ideal. Good for me though, I managed to keep up with Chris for much more of the ride than normal, although he still seemed to have no problem with the steep climb from Amberley to the top of Whiteways roundabout.

After a slightly higher volume week I jumped on the scales last night to see if I was at least maintaining my target weight of below 12 stone (normally lower in the height of the season and when on the start line of 'A' races). Unfortunately I had some slippage and was a couple of lbs over my target weight. Not a huge disaster in the off season but something I need to keep my eyes on. I don't think that is the lack of exercise but more to do with a few bad habits creeping in, especially in relation to more sugary foods, that have ceased becoming treats and ended up being more of a regular occurrence.

This week has been OK so far - Monday was 40mins in the 'Cave of Pain' - weights and turbo circuit. Tuesday was an hour run along the seafront in slightly miserable weather conditions. Wednesday I just focused on the 1:30 Club swim, which was OK, lots of pace and streamlining work.

Today is going to be interesting - a busy day at work with a number of meetings in London. However, after work I plan to run from Putney to Kingston via Richmond Park to take a quick look at the large triathlon / cycling store (Sigma Sport). On the map it looks like a 10-12 mile return journey. I am staying up in London as have been fortunate enough to be invited to the 'Champions of Cyclosport' dinner tonight with lots of cycling celebrities attending - more on that event later.

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