Remember to hydrate

This week's training has been put back a little because I have been a bit forgetful of my fluid intake.

Looking back over the recent rides and training (well on plan until Friday) I realise I have not been drinking enough fluids during exercise and generally throughout the day. I do drink tea, coffee and the occasional glass of wine. In addition I always have some juice in my water bottle on the bike, albeit I might not drink enough. I know I should be drinking much more water during the day. It was also highlighted to me on my recent London 2 Paris ride when I was getting a massage, apparently the oil was soaking into my skin to quickly indicating I was somewhat dehydrated.

The upshot of all this is that I occasionally  have kidney stone problems - quite nasty  - suffering severe pains in my lower back and nausea.

Well on Friday it must have caught up with me again and I have been suffering for the last few days. So annoying as it is something simple and in my control but I have yet again let it happen.

I expect to be back in training soon but hopefully writing this blog post will help me to remember to take on more fluids in the future.


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