Countdown to London 2 Paris Charity bike ride

As I had expected last week was minimal on the training front, mostly because of work commitments (2 days in London), a little bit of cold symptoms (not too serious) and thoughts of my preparation / tapering for a good number of hours in the saddle.

I couldn't resist getting out on on my mountain bike for another session on the Downs, again fantastic conditions (as pictured above).

I am writing this blog whilst travelling up to London in preparation for a charity bike ride to Paris on behalf of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. It is over 4 days so not too heavy although still 460km in distance. I plan to ride with the Group 2 riders (Group 1-5, 1 being reserved for most experienced and fastest cyclists), which should average around 30km per hour each day.

I participated in a similar ride in 2011 but over 3 days rather than 4. Again I will be joined by Geoff Thomas (ex-professional footballer) and his merry crew (incl. Ian Wright and John Salako). In total I understand there will be 200 riders.

I am really looking forward to the event and all the friendly banter with the boys - we always have a laugh. Meanwhile, it is great to raise a few pennies for such a worthy cause.

Hopefully I will have time over the coming days to update my 'Tri Hard Training' blog with the team's progress.


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