Feeling black and blue

So it's Friday, 4 days after my operation - I continue to be pleased with my progress, albeit I am very black and blue - more discomfort than any major pain.

Mobility is as good as can be expected - we have a lot of stairs in our new house (4 floors!) and so it is a fitness test just getting up and down. I have been a bit breathless on occasion (something I am certainly not use to - quite humbling in fact).

I have removed all the bandages from my wounds - quite a few cuts where the robotic hands/devices entered my body. My belly is also quite bloated as they have to force air in to help with the view of all your organs.

In summary, not very pretty but on the upside progress is being made.

Just got to make it through the weekend then on Monday I turn off the valve to the catheter to see if the plumbing works..... If that all goes to plan, then Tuesday the catheter comes out and I start stage 2 of the recovery progress, hopefully with a bit more activity.... baby steps.


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