Saturday, 3 August 2019

What else is going on

I am sitting in my lovely garden thinking that normally (well, less so for last few months) I would be swimming with the Club around this time or catching up with my cycling buddies for a coffee and chat after the swim set.

I still enjoy being part of a local triathlon Club - in fact it has now been over 10 years since I joined and it has been very much part of my life for what feels a long time. I also intend it to continue.

My life has has a great number of twists and turns over the last few years - in 2014 I unexpectedly lost my Dad to cancer (he was a great friend as well as a wonderful father). 2015/16 were also difficult as I set up a new business and struggled through the end of a 20-year marriage that ended in divorce, me selling the family home and then trying to move on with my life.

Since then I met my lovely Lucy, who shares a passion in wellbeing and cycling, and finally after nearly 3 years of dating (lots of driving to Tunbridge Wells) we have brought our families together (not easy) and set up our new lives in the pretty village of Hurstpierpoint.

Sport and triathlon has always been there, albeit not to the level of previous volume/intensity - I will have to update you on my PB at Challenge Roth (plus running with the wonderful Chrissie Wellington) and my off-road ultra running events (50/100 mile).

For now, a weekend of chilling. Would nice to record a couple of easy walks on Strava next week.

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