Tuesday, 20 August 2019

First swim completed, looking forward to next one

So, not much to say on the training front, however I am pleased to say that I have now completed my first swim (post operation) and after a shaky first 100m it felt great.

I moved down a couple of lanes to Lane 6 (slowest) where I was well looked after by the ladies there. Everything felt a bit tight for the first 100m or so, I almost felt my wounds (internally) were pulling. I was advised by the Coach and Lane 6 Club Buddies to shorten my stroke and focus on a bit faster arm turnover than my normal longer relaxed reach. This seemed to help a lot and the wounds were not pulling so much.

After the warm up and a few hundred metres of easy swimming I started to relax and enjoy the swim and a bit of physical activity. I ended up swimming the full hour and even logged 2,000m on the Garmin.

My walking has also increased in intensity and distance with a few nice hill climbs over the South Downs.

Unfortunately my Garmin still registers 'No Status' - I need a couple of runs to kick it back into life.

So, the plan is to keep swimming, maybe twice a week and continue to increase the walks to almost hikes or slow jogs.

In the first week of September after I have seen the surgeon I hope to get the green light to properly run. More importantly I need to know the news of my cancer (or hopefully, lack of it) - confirmation of severity, likelihood of spreading and did they think they get it all!

I will keep you posted - looking forward to the day I post my training plan for the week.

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