Off to the hospital - removal of catheter

I am not blowing my own trumpet and I know it is very early days but even I (Mr Optimist) am suprised with my recovery progress.

It has only been a week since my major surgery and although I am definitely looking a bit 'black and blue' my catheter has just been removed, my plumbing seems to be working well (so far, so good), my appetite is good and my energy levels are stable.

However well I feel I have to give my body time to heal - think of it as tapering back to a big event. Otherwise I risk reversing all the recovery gains. Slow and steady!

So what has the next few days look like - I reckon I will increase my movement (mostly via walking) from 1 to 5 km. That's it... nothing exciting but starting to build a base before I re-introduce swimming (first) followed by running and cycling. The Doctors recommend 3 months before getting back into the saddle - I hope I do a little better than that, however let's talk one week at a time.


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