Friday, 28 December 2012

VO2 Max Booster Program - Day 1

Just found a 14-day program on the Internet and thought it would help me to improve my bike strength. The plan is to incorporate it on top of my normal training. There is a good amount of warm up and cool down in each set, which gives me flexibility to cut them short if need be.

Day 1 is to complete an initial test to get some power data to work with over the 14-day program. Fortunately my turbo trainer provides a power reading plus picks up HR data from a compatible HR belt.

After a 10-15 min warm up I completed a 6 min test with the following results:

Time 6:03
Speed av. 35.7 / max 39.9
Distance 3.5 km
Power av. 244 / max 276
Cadence av. 110 / max 122
HR av. 144 / max 160

I built up the speed over the first 1 min and then tried to keep the power up for the next 5 mins. The average power reading for the last 5 mins was just under 250, so that is what I am going to use for the 14-day program. It is worth noting that I did the initial test on my singlespeed bike so the cadence is quite high. I expect I may have registered a higher power reading from my Tri or carbon road bike but at least I can keep the gearing constant on my singlespeed.

The first 5 days of the program looks as follows:

Day 2: 10x (30+30 sec) 100 / 50% VO2 Max
Day 3: 3x (5+10 min) 90 / 50% VO2 Max
Day 4: 3x [6x (40+20 sec) 95 / 50% VO2 Max then 4 min easy rolling]
Day 5: 20x (15+15 sec) 100 / 50% VO2 Max

Each session is listed as an hour - the balance being made up from the warm up and cool down.

Next instalment of the program will follow in a later post.

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